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The Pirate Sniper is a type of Pirate armed with an SVD sniper rifle and is found mostly in high places such as roof tops and watchtowers. They can deal a lot of damage, even with a single shot, and can be recognized from long distances by the red laser light. Unlike their Privateer counterparts, Pirate Snipers have almost no armor so it's easy to kill them with a few hits.

Sniper 1

White skinned Pirate Sniper


  • Stay low and avoid being traced by the sniper's laser sight, he cannot hurt you unless he has the laser on you.
  • One shot from a Sniper, regardless where he shot, can bring your health down to critical levels, so tiptoe out of cover every few seconds to keep him guessing.
  • All Snipers are armed with a SVD and an A2000, so they can still shoot targets at close range.
  • There is a Wanted Dead mission that requires you to kill a Sniper Boss however with only your knife. Since it is not possible to shoot him, you have to sneak up close.
  • They take a few seconds to get a bead on you, so if you are feeling lucky, deliberately expose yourself and quickly fire on the sniper before he shoots you.
  • You can take out at least one sniper from behind soft cover before the camp identifies your position.
  • Crouch behind hard cover, like a rock, then pop up to take shots at alert snipers.


Another skin version of Pirate Sniper exists

Sniper 2

Black skinned Pirate Sniper

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