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Playing the Spoiler
Mission information
Faction Vaas Pirates
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward unknown
Start Amanaki Village
End Logging camp
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The Medusa's Call Prison Break-in

Playing the Spoiler is the seventh mission of Far Cry 3.

The Rakyat learn of an impending attack against Amanaki Village, and enlist the help of Jason. Jason is tasked with destroying the pirates' weapons stash in a logging camp.


Jason returns from sabotaging the Medusa, whereupon Dennis informs him that the Rakyat warriors have learned that Vaas is planning to use a large weapons cache to destroy Amanaki Village. He assigns Jason the task of destroying the weapons. Jason reluctantly accepts and travels to the logging camp where the weapons are stored. He climbs up to a shack overlooking the camp and spots the camp's alarm. He disables the alarm before the pirates can activate it, then enters the camp, infiltrates the hut that contains the weapons, and plants a bomb. Jason then must escape the explosion's radius within 15 seconds. After the bomb explodes, pirate reinforcements will arrive. At this point, Jason can choose either to kill them all or to escape them.


  • Go talk to Dennis
  • Go to the Logging Camp
  • Get to the vantage point
  • Disable the alarm before it is activated
  • Enter the weapon cache
  • Plant the bomb
  • Get to a safe spot
  • Escape the area or kill all remaining pirates nearby