Prepper Stashes are mini-quests in Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. The stashes consist of hidden caches of items like money, perk magazines, ammo, and supplies. Some of the quests even reward the player with unique weapons or vehicles. The Prepper Stashes are located all over Hope County. Some are hidden underground in bunkers while others may present a bit of a puzzle to solve in order to access them as in Hanger Pains for example.

With the exception of Dutch's Island, all stashes contain cash and 3 perk magazines. Other items will vary. Below is a list of all stash quests and their locations. Each article will explain how to access the stash and any special equipment that is needed.

Prepper Stash Locations

Dutch's Island

  1. Sunken Funds

Whitetail Mountains

  1. Cliffhanger
  2. Gone Squatchin' (Grapple perk required)
  3. Hanger Pains
  4. Mayday (Grapple perk required)
  5. The Holdouts
  6. Salvage Rites
  7. Unwelcome Guest

Holland Valley

  1. Deep Dive
  2. DIY and DOA
  3. Dumpster Diving (Grapple perk required)
  4. Fire in the Hole
  5. Foxhole
  6. High Tension
  7. Long Range Lockpick
  8. Man Cave
  9. Playing With Fire
  10. Swingers (Grapple perk required)
  11. Vespiary
  12. O'Hara's Haunted House

Henbane River

  1. Side Effects
  2. Animal Control (Grapple perk required)
  3. Dead Man's Treasure (Grapple perk required)
  4. Getaway
  5. Overwatch (Grapple perk required)
  6. Pooper Scooper
  7. The Angel's Grave
  8. Shipwreck
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