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Prison 1
Region Bowa Seko

Prison is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the Southern District of Bowa Seko, and can be accessed by a single gate. The former slave outpost is a large fort that has been turned into a makeshift prison. Evidence of torture and executions is obvious, the hallways being splattered with blood and the presence of a torture/execution chamber justifying the claim.

The structure of the building is well-maintained, but the same cannot be said about the interior. The cells are mainly small, dirty, and feature only a pile of hay (bed) infested with cockroaches, and a bowl of spoiled food. The roof is a steel cage. Additionally, the walls are extremely frail, and some of them can be kicked down. The cells are locked with heavy steel doors.

The place is operated by a force of 13-15 mercenaries, guarding the courtyard and the balconies upstairs. They wield a standard assortment of assault rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The presence of a machine-gunner or more is common.


This location plays an important role in the progression of the game, as the player visits it more than once in pivotal moments.

After being set up by the Jackal at the end of Act 2, the player wakes up in a cell, he has been captured. The player's best buddy will be incarcerated in the neighboring cell. It is important to note than the buddy CAN actually be saved during the escape.

At the end of Act 3, Reuben will tell the player that riots have started in the prison, and that the Jackal is there, directing the uprising. It is there where the Endgame starts.


When trying to assault the prison, it is better if the player arrives at night, since during the day, the reflection of the sun on the white walls can be annoying. Shotguns work fine but are useless from range (against the balcony enemies). The presence of an automatic weapon is vital (preferably the Uzi or the MP5).

There is only one gate, so the player should enter the prison BEFORE being spotted, in order to avoid being sieged outside. Once inside, it is surprisingly easy to confuse the enemy, so hug the walls and flank the terrified soldiers. If you pick up too much heat, retreat to the dungeons downstairs, and lob a grenade before going back up . Once you deal with the courtyard enemies, don't forget the ones upstairs.

The player also has to make sure he doesn't get cornered in one of the courtyard cells.