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Prison Break-in
Mission information
Faction Vaas Pirates
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward Unknown
Start Unknown
End Sunset Cove prison camp
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Playing the Spoiler Island Port Hotel

Prison Break-In is the eighth mission of Far Cry 3.

Using the intercepted communications from the Medusa, Jason sets out to find his friends in the prison camp at Sunset Cove (aka Pirate's Cove). However, his friends have been moved elsewhere and Jason is captured by the pirates.


Following up on the message heard on the Medusa, Jason infiltrates Pirate Cove in an effort to save his friends.

He proceeds through the Pirate infested camp to a cave surrounded by drug-filled ship crates, eventually beginning to hear Liza's voice. He barges through the back door, only to find a video playing showing Vaas ransoming Liza. Jason, enraged by the video, storms through a door and is knocked out by a hiding Pirate.