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Charger 1

Privateer Charger with Mohawk and no face paint.

The Privateer Charger is a type of Privateer wearing a flak vest. The Privateer Charger rushes head first into battle trying to pressure the opposition with a BZ19 sub-machine gun. Privateer chargers have two different head pieces wearing either a Mohawk or having no hair at all and unlike Pirate Chargers with their psychotic behavior, Privateer Chargers appear to act very determined even chasing the enemy out of cover.


  • Chargers wear moderate flak armor; they can survive more damage than Privateer Assaulters, but not as much damage as Privateer Defenders.
  • As the name implies, he will try to overwhelm the player by rushing towards them or by trying to outflank the player. Also, Chargers are more likely to knock you down with the butt of their gun.
  • Chargers carry the BZ19, this weapon has a fast rate of fire. It is not effective over long distances, however, so keep your distance when fighting a Charger.
  • In Co-op, their sub-machine guns will be replaced with the M133 shotgun.
  • Chargers will rarely take cover.
  • Privateer Chargers are weak alone, but in groups can be bothersome since they have midrange Sub-machineguns with large ammo capacity and charge towards the player while being backed up with Privateer Assaulters and Defenders

Quotes Edit

Privateer charger will taunt at Jason Brody and may utter:

  • "Quit trying to hit me and hit me already"
  • "Holy Hell"
  • "Target Spotted"

Gallery Edit

Other variants of the Charger

Charger 1.1

Charger 1 with Mohawk and face paint.

Charger 2

Charger bald with no face paint.

Charger 2.1

Charger Bald with face paint.

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