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The Privateer Defender is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3. Unlike the two Pirate defender classes, the Privateer Defender is a cautious fighter and is often found guarding outposts as well as being personal guards in some Wanted Dead missions.

Privateer Defender

Privateer Defender white skin.

Tips and Trivia

  • As the name implies, they are better at defending than assaulting.
  • Privateer Defenders wear strong body armor and can survive several bullet hits before falling. Strong weapons such as assault rifles or shotguns are preferable against them.
  • They can come in groups of two or more, depending on how the outpost is laid out.
  • Privateer Defenders can sometimes be found as gunners on Scavengers and Technicals. It is best to keep them off the gunner seat, though, since their heightened defence along with a mounted gun can be bothersome.
  • Despite their heavy armour, a single headshot from any weapon will kill them instantly.
  • A single arrow from a bow will kill them immediately as well.
  • Unlike their Pirate counterparts, they always fire their weapons from the shoulder, making their accuracy far better.
  • An elite variant exists, but is found only in wanted dead missions.


  • Other skin variants of Privateer Defenders.
Defender 2-0

Privateer Defender Black skin.

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