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Heavy Flamer

Privateer Heavy Flamer's only variant.

The Privateer Heavy Flamer is a type of Privateer specialized in pyrotechnics. He wields a Flamethrower made to clear out anybody who is in cover. Heavy Flamers wear strong body armour and a gas mask, and can be difficult to kill.


  • Heavy Flamers are only about half as durable as Privateer Heavy Gunners; they can withstand about 40 to 50 assault rifle rounds to the torso before falling.
  • Rakyat are completely helpless when confronted by a Heavy Flamer and it takes more than one predator to take them down as the flamethrower can kill everything in close-quarters in mere seconds.
  • The Flamethrower can force the player out of cover easily.
  • If the player damages the gas tank enough it will cause him to kneel down for a short period of time before getting back up to fight.
  • Sniper Rifles such as the Z93 are a good way to kill Heavy Flamers from a distance.
  • Shooting the gas tank on the back of the Heavy Flamer will cause the gas tank to leak, draining the health of the Heavy Flamer. If it is shot a number of times, it will explode, killing him.
  • Sustained automatic weapons fire will force a flamer to their knees, making it very easy to target their gas tanks.
  • If undetected, the Heavy Flamer can be killed with a Heavy Beatdown. A normal Takedown cannot be performed on them.
  • Despite their weapon of choice and heavy armour, fire will kill them easily. A direct hit from a Molotov Cocktail or fire arrow will kill them or drain a large amount of their health.
  • A direct headshot from the Z93 will easily be able to kill them.
  • Using a SPAS-12 on them is an ideal, quick way to kill a Flamer or Heavy Gunner.


  •  An elite variant is used in some wanted dead missions, but only differs by uniform color.
  • Like the Privateer Heavy gunner, they seem to be over confident in themselves and act superior to other privateers.
  • Despite the fuel for the flamethrower being loaded into the weapon like a magazine, a gas tank is still visible on their back.
  • A Pirate variant exists, but in CO-OP only.
  • Heavy Flamers can be instantly killed by an animal that can lunge, such as a tiger or bear.


Like Privateer Heavy Gunners, these talk with a Helmet sound effect and have almost the same quotes as Privateer Heavy Gunners.

  • "Sweating Like a Pig"
  • "Time to roast that pig!"
  • " I'm gonna cook you alive!
  • "HAHA Burn for me!"
  • " You can't hurt me!
  • "Time to fry that bitch"
  • "Get to cover and stay outta my way!"
  • "If you stop I'll let you use my gun"
  • "That tickles"
  • "Gotcha!" -When noticing the player
  • "I raped your mother!"
  • "Empty your clip"
  • "Friendly?" -When distracted by a rock
  • "Woohoo!" -When noticing the player or a dead Privateer
  • "Holy crap!" -When noticing the player or a dead Privateer
  • "At least its nice" -When idle
  • "Just ask for a raise, it cant be that hard." -When idle
  • "Keep remain your business Recruit." -Can be heard in cave when just gotten the Recruit uniform.
  • "AHAHAHAHAAAA!" -When idle
  • "Why didn't I make that bed, idiot." -When idle
  • "Man, why do I have to live in a shit hole." -When idle
  • "She better not be sleeping around" -When idle
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