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Privateer RPG Shooter

The Privateer RPG Shooter

The Privateer RPG Shooter is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3, armed with a RPG-7. Unlike their pirate counterpart, the Pirate RPG Shooter, they are less likely to commit friendly fire while under pressure and will aim with lethal efficiency.


  • Dangerous against vehicles and can start brush fires if the projectile hits foliage causing even more havoc.
  • Reloading the RPG takes time so use that time to gain some ground.
  • Make sure you are not near a vehicle or any explosive barrels when the missiles hit.
  • Privateer RPG Shooters reload slightly faster than their Pirate counterparts so make sure  you take them out quick.
  • After they fire you will have enough time to run out of range. Bait them into taking a shot at you, run for cover then use their reload time to fire back.
  • Getting close to one will force him to pull out an SMG and fight with that until you get far enough away from him. Their weak armor and the SMG's low damage make this a preferable tactic.
  • They are likely to spawn when the alarm is sounded at Privateer outposts, but unlike the other reinforcements which will swarm the area, the RPG shooters will stay back and try to flush you out. They are usually found in the open standing still while trying to get a shot, so take them out before they fire a rocket.
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