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Privateer Sniper

The Privateer Sniper

The Privateer Sniper is a type of Privateer in Far Cry 3. The Privateer Sniper is armed with the Z93 bolt-action sniper rifle. This is a very powerful gun that can kill Jason in a few hits, they also have better loot than the Pirate Snipers.


  • Like all snipers, you have to avoid being traced by the red laser sight.
  • The Z93 is a powerful sniper rifle so avoid getting shot if possible. And use that gun yourself if you get a chance.
  • Privateer Snipers carry a submachine gun as backup weapon, which they will use when targets are at close range.
  • Unlike other enemies, snipers will wait the player out if the player is behind cover instead of aggressively moving in. At close ranges, they can be forced into using their backup weapon, in which they will fight like a regular Privateer Assaulter or Privateer Defender until sufficient range is between them and their target.
  • If engaging the player, they can kill Jason even faster than a Heavy Gunner or Flamer, as they can rapidly deal deadly blows from long range, make sure they are taken out first or avoided completely.
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