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This article appeared in Far Cry 4 "Propaganda Machine" is the second mission of Act One and the second story mission overall in Far Cry 4.

It involves taking over Banapur Tower, which is about a mile to the East of the village of Banapur.


The level begins with a cutscene in a small house in Banapur, where Sabal and some other members of the Golden Path are tending to an injured man. Sabal tells Ajay that the injured man fell off Banapur Tower while trying to hijack the Propaganda Signal being broadcast from it. Ajay says that he is capable of doing it, which Sabal agrees to. Ghale then goes to the Banapur Tower, where he finds a Grappling Hook. This is vital for the liberation of many Bell Towers, and the continuation of the Campaign. Upon reaching the Tower, several Royal Army Guards are present, to the contrary of what Sabal told Ajay. Ajay must make the precarious climb up the Tower, made harder by the absence of a single path such as stairs. Upon reaching the top and finding a radio setup, Ajay bashes the radio and tears out the face plate, then flicks a switch on the transmitter and turns a lever. This prompts a short sequence in which three nearby locations are revealed to the player, regardless of whether or not they were already discovered. Afterwards, Sabal will contact the player and congratulate them.


  • Reach The Bell Tower.
  • Check The Accident Site.
  • Reach The Bell Tower. (with Grapple this time.)
  • Hijack The Signal.


Propaganda Machine