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Prosper Kouassi

“Today, you are being paid to blow things up! Tell me you do not love your job.”
Kouassi upon giving the player a mission

Prosper Kouassi is the captain of the APR and a former street gang leader in the Northern Territory in Act 1. He is located at the APR HQ in Pala, where the player can receive faction missions for varying amounts of diamonds. If the APR emerges victorious, the player kills Prosper Kouassi at the end of Act 1.


  • Kouassi seems to be very arrogant, taking credit for everything the player does to help the APR.
  • If the player receives the objective to assassinate Kouassi in Goka Falls, he will try to dissuade the player with promises of money and women. However, he will eventually draw a pistol and attack the player.
  • There is a theory that Prosper Kouassi is the reborn Longinus in Far Cry 4.[1]


  • After destroying the UFLL's motor pool for the APR in the Northern District, the player may encounter a bug where they may enter the APR HQ as if a mission were there, however the door to Prosper Kouassi is shut, meaning the player cannot get the next mission and therefore cannot advance. To fix this bug you must do an assassination mission and complete it then you check the door. Occasionally, this will not work, and you will have to do a buddy mission at Jack's Bar instead.


  1. This is a reference from Far Cry 4.