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Radio Towers are key objectives (buildings) on the Rook Islands in Far Cry 3. They reveal more of the map with each tower Jason Brody captures, freeing weapons in stores and adding new missions. There are a total of 18 Radio Towers in the game.

Once you have removed the scramblers on all the towers, you unlock the Bushman, an improved variant of the P416.

Stores also give more weapons for free per tower captured. It is because they cannot do business with remote villages, thus reward you for making it possible again.

The natives once used these dilapidated towers as a means of communication between all of the towns, but when Hoyt landed on Rook, he ordered them to be taken over and used for his and Vaas's armies.

Weapon Unlocks

When you climb a tower and remove a scrambler, you unlock new weapons available from the general stores or self-serve weapon lockers. The unlocks are as follows, in this order:

  1. 6P9, STG-90
  2. Skorpion, AK-47, Repair Tool
  3. SVD, Recurve Bow
  4. 1887, PKM
  5. A2000, M133, Flamethrower
  6. M-700, RPG-7
  7. U100, Flare Gun,
  8. F1, GL-94
  9. MP5
  10. MS16
  11. .44 Magnum
  12. D50, Vector .45 ACP
  13. ACE,SPAS-12
  14. BZ19, MKG
  15. P416, Z93
  16. N/A
  17. N/A
  18. Bushman

Radio Towers Guide


Far Cry 3 - Radio Towers - Interactive Guide


  • When climbing a Radio Tower, it is advised to carry a light weapon with high mobility, like a pistol or an SMG. For some jumps it is necessary to make a run-up.
  • One can skip the climbing part by flying to the top of a Radio Tower with the Wingsuit or Hang Glider, but the timing is quite critical or the player will fall off and die. Even if the landing is successful, the player should expect some degree of injury.


  • After unlocking a Radio Tower, a cutscene plays out with the camera panning out and circling through newly revealed landmarks and geographical areas.
  • Radio Towers offer some manner of puzzles by making it harder to climb to the jammer. The more towers you have captured, the more tricky they become to deactivate, especially those on the Southern Island.
  • The light emitted from the peak of the tower is red before disabling the jammer, and green afterwards.
  • A loot chest can always be found at the top of the tower, where the jammer is located.
  • Vehicles can be seen in the mini-map even if that part of the map has not yet been revealed by the deactivated appropriate Radio Tower.
  • Each Radio Tower has a maximum of four Ziplines, a fast form of transportation from the top of the tower where the jammer is, to the ground.
  • The Machete will always be used (in animation) to break the padlock off for each tower, even if the player has the Japanese Tanto or Tribal Knife equipped.
  • Radio Towers serve a similar purpose to viewpoints in the Assassin's Creed franchise, which is also produced by Ubisoft.