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« An Oxyacetylene torch that can repair any land or water vehicle. »

In-Game Description

« The vehicles on Rook Island have seen better days. When they stall, locals use this simple repair tool to get their cars up and running again. Don't tell the tow truck union about this, they'll have a breakdown. »

Survival Guide

The Repair Tool is a piece of equipment in Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 and Far Cry 6.

This equipment will become free after deactivating 2 Radio Towers .

It is used for repairing damaged vehicles. Any drivable vehicle can be repaired with the repair tool.

You can buy the Repair Tool with perk points on the perks menu on Far Cry 5. It costs 5 perk points to buy.


  • Sometimes, you will come across either 1–2 Rakyat warriors or civilians with a damaged vehicle, asking for your help. After fixing their vehicle with the Repair Tool, they will reward you with $50 for fixing it and drive off.
  • It can set wood and foliage on fire. This can be useful to get enemies out of cover, as they will run away from the fire.
  • If you get close enough to anyone and use the torch on them it will set them on fire, killing them almost instantly. You will also get an achievement called "Improper Use", which requires you to get a kill with the repair tool.
  • The Repair Tool can be seen as a personal defense Flamethrower.
  • Although the Repair Tool cannot actually be acquired in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, it can be seen in one of Rex Colt's emergency healing animations, in which he holds the Tool in his organic right hand and uses it on his mechanical left hand.