Rocket Launcher (RLX-9157)
Damage 4
Magazine Size 4
Maximum Ammunition 10
Reload Time 5
Fire Mode Semi-auto
Ammunition Rockets
Used by Elite Guard, Indoor Guard

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The Rocket Launcher is the best choice for vehicle destruction in the game. It is first found in the end part of the level Fort. Its high velocity explosive shells are capable of destroying buggies, patrol boats, and even helicopters. In the Campaign, the player can load four rockets in the launcher, while only one can be loaded in Multiplayer.

The Rocket Launcher comes equipped with a scope with optical zoom that allows for a more accurate shot. The scope is not as high powered as the sniper rifle, but gives a good view of possible targets to hit. The blast radius of the rockets fired is large enough to clear a 10 square foot area, so it is a viable option for clearing a group of packed enemies from range. It is also good for taking down a Trigen Big (if you can dodge its missiles well with the heavy weight of the rocket launcher).

When using the scope, the view is notably very shaky, even worse than the AW50. Proning does little to help thus the player must carefully aim.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the Rocket Launcher has been given a new, more detailed model.


  • The Rocket Launcher is based on the M202A1, which was originally created to replace WWII vintage flamethrowers. It fires 66 mm M74 rockets, which pack approximately 1.34 pounds of TPA (Triethylaluminum), an incendiary agent.
  • The mounted rocket launchers found on the 4WD Vehicles in Far Cry appear to consist of the parts of the hand-held Rocket Launcher rearranged into a new shape.
  • In the Far Cry manual, the Rocket Launcher can be seen having 8 barrels, indicating the weapon was supposed to have more than 4 rockets loaded at the same time before being altered.
  • Enemies armed with the Rocket Launcher tend to kill themselves by firing the weapon at an obstruction that is right in front of them.