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Roshani was a commander of the Izila tribe before he pledged his allegiance to Takkar, and the secondary antagonist of Far Cry Primal.


Roshani is a proud but paranoid Izila commander. He leads an impressive Izila fortress that has never suffered any threats from rival tribes. Like many Izila, Roshani has prideful faith in the Izila's place in the world. He's lead a sedentary life and has limited combat experience. He earned his command through charm and manipulation.

Roshani has made enemies among the Izila over the years. He's known as a man who puts himself before all else, including his own people. It's a reputation that could catch up with him one day soon - and he knows it.

Far Cry Primal

While attacking Fire Screamer Fort, Roshani attacks with his forces. Takkar manages to disarm him and attempts to kill him, but Roshani pleads with him in the Wenja language, gaining him some time to say that he will offer his services to them in exchange for his life. Takkar orders him to go with him, but Roshani refuses, saying that the Wenja should come to him; in response, he is forcefully sent into the Wenja camp, and though he pleads for better treatment, Takkar places him with the "Izila beasts." From then on, Roshani gives the Wenja valuable information (forcefully) and soon tells Takkar about the seeds that the Izila use to grow crops.

After the death of Batari, Takkar visits Roshani, and asked what will he do now, which he states that he will stay with the Wenja. This gives Takkar the idea of having him tend the crops with the Wenja. This confuses Roshani, stating that he is a commander. To this, Takkar replies by making him the commander of fields.


  • Roshani's face is quite similar to that of Sam Becker from Far Cry 3, and this could imply that he is a distant ancestor of Far Cry 3's Sam.
  • Roshani is the only secondary antagonist to not be killed in all prior and subsequent Far Cry games. Although he survives the events of Far Cry Primal he is currently deceased.


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