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"Selfless citizens with hearts that love peace, and minds fixed on the glory of Kyrat. The cruel and bloodthirsty Golden Path forced them to take up arms against their countrymen and women. Join today and do your part for Kyrat."

- King Min's Kyrat

The Royal Army are Pagan Min's personal army stationed across Southern Kyrat.

Paul De Pleur, their general, also serves as their chief interrogator.


After Pagan Min betrayed the Royalists at the end of First Kyrati Civil War and seized the throne for himself in 1987, he created an army made of native Kyrat citizens loyal to him (and likely some remnants of the Nationalists) in order to enforce his rule over the country. They quickly became embroiled in the Second Kyrati Civil War with the newly formed Golden Path shortly after the start of Pagan's regime. They're usually in southern Kyrat, while in northern Kyrat their role is fulfilled by the Royal Guard. After Pagan Min is gone, they refuse to surrender however, continue abusing civilians and fighting against the Golden Path across Kyrat. If Ajay stays with Pagan Min right at the start, the fate of the Army is unknown.


The Royal Army is made up of several classes of infantry, with varying equipment and specializations. Below are the Royal Army types with all links to their pages and quick review tabs.

"These guys are pretty badly trained, but they are generally more dangerous because they are good at squad tactics- and their numbers. There’s nothing like seeing a full squad of these guys charging down the road to make your blood run cold."

Unknown Player

Assaulters are standard Royal Army members. They are ill disciplined, relying on bravado, teamwork and constant gunfire to succeed. They are often found patrolling the roads of Kyrat and performing tasks for De Pleur and Noore.

Strategic Data

  • Royal Army assaulters are not particularly dangerous, but their true strength is in numbers.
  • Typically armed with AK-47s, they work in small squads.
  • They use pistols while in vehicles.

"It’s all about the teamwork with the Royal Army. Part of the reason those idiots are so effective is because of these guys - they rally and provide orders for their squad. If you take them out, a lot of other cogs in the machine no longer connect."

Unknown Player

Assaulter Commanders are the leaders of their squads, typically chosen for their ability to rally and inspire other troops. Many of them have a taste for fighting, and have superior training to their squad.

Strategic Data

  • Royal Army commanders are important, high-ranking members.
  • They possess better accuracy and training than Assaulters, but have the same health.
  • Note - they are extremely rare, and only usually appear in an Eye for an Eye or Assassinations, as well as some missions.

"I know that this civil war has taken a toll on everyone, but how crazy do you have to be to use knives… and then charge into battle against people with guns? These guys will never learn. Take them out on sight."

Unknown player

Beheaders are sadistic and unstable psychopaths that use knives and kukris in battle. Many are heavy drug users, and are often found in Southern Kyrat. Most have a short life expectancy and want to kill as many enemies as possible before they die.

Strategic Data

  • Beheaders are rush troops that disregard using cover and any sort of armour in order for a clear attack to be made.
  • Killed fairly easily, but can easily heavily wound or kill, especially if they catch the player off guard.
  • This unit is unique to the Royal Army, and does not have an equivalent in the Royal Guard.

"These guys may be written off as hopeless cases, but don’t let that fool you. Nothing’s more dangerous than a man with a death wish and shotgun pouring rounds in your general vicinity."

Unknown Player

Beserkers are aggressive and violent attackers. They fight for honour and want to die as heroes. Many of them fight in Shanath arena, or practise their skills on wild animals.

Strategic Data

  • Beserkers are short range units that attempt to chase Ajay down and do incredible damage at close range.
  • Typically, they throw smoke grenades to block sightlines from snipers to prevent kills.
  • If possible take them out from range as they are extremely fast and not to be underestimated in early-to-mid game.

"I just wish we could’ve recruited these guys before Pagan did. They know Kyrat well and still are religious, despite Pagan’s ban on those practices. Some do defect, but I wish we could get more - we need all the fighters we can get."

Unknown Player

Defenders are more seasoned troopers, promoted because of their age and experience. Many dislike fighting, and hold more respect among the Royal Army.

Strategic Data

  • Defenders are more efficient troopers, known for their efficiency in battle.
  • They are equipped with better gear and training than assaulters, but are still easily killed.
  • They are vulnerable to headshots despite their helmets.

"High rankers - just when you think you’ve put a dent in their ranks, another one pops up. These guys are like cockroaches - take them out, but be wary- they’ll often have a small entourage nearby."

Unknown Player

Lieutenants are in charge of commanding groups of soldiers and are the point of contact for many civlians. They often have shares in brothels run by Noore, or aspire to join the Royal Guard.

Strategic Data

  • Lieutenants are cautious and smart fighters, but are not invincible.
  • They only appear in Karma events/Longinus missions/Eye For an Eye/Assasination.

"Thankfully these guys are rare, because those rockets are 1 shots and sometimes you don’t even see them coming. Take these guys down fast, or it’ll be your vehicle that ends up a pile of junk."

Unknown Player

RPGs are reckless individuals who use RPGs in combat. Many dislike the assignment because the warheads sometimes explode without warning.

Strategic Data

  • RPGs are mid-range fighters that attempt to line up their RPG with players.
  • They are devastating, but are slow to line up their shots.
  • They may look like defenders, but have the same health as Assaulters.

"It’s said that the Kyrati Rupee is undervalued -  part of the problem is these guys. They use bullets like water- if Min and his governors aren’t careful, these guys will burn a hole right in their purses."

Unknown Player

Gunners are the walking tanks of the Royal Army. Many have previous firearms experience and are in charge of providing recruits with basic training. Many have extreme superiority complexes, causing risky decision making.

Strategic Data

  • Gunners are the walking tanks of the Royal Army.
  • Heavily armoured, they use constant gunfire to overwhelm opponents.
  • Their helmets, when knocked off, allow for the instant kill.
  • If heavy beatdown is unlocked, they can be taken down.
  • They are extremely slow, so running away is not a bad idea if needed.

"I have never seen ANY professional soldier swing their gun like a baseball bat. I’d say they’ve watched too many Arena bouts, but I can’t ever think of one where one used a perfectly good LMG as a bat."

Unknown Player

These are the elite of the Royal Army gunners, prized for their ruthlessness and accuracy. Many command crucial outposts, or protect fortresses.

Strategic Data

  • Gunner commanders are pretty much the same as Royal Army gunners
  • They wear different uniforms and only appear in eye for an eye/assassination.
  • Three guard Noore’s Fortress in the North-west.

" These clowns are part of the reason the Golden Path has been pushed back so much. They love to slip in, sic a predator on anyone unlucky enough to be near them, then slip away. Maybe the Golden Path should’ve thought of that first - they are the experts in gureilla warfare."

Unknown Player

Hunters are nomadic units that are trained in wilderness fighting. They co-ordinate almost exclusively with other hunters, and shun civilisation in general.

Strategic Data

  • Royal Army members trained in wilderness combat that are common in the wilderness of southern Kyrat.
  • They use bows and arrows/fire arrows, kukris at close range, and can charm predators into fighting for them.
  • They can only be tagged for a short time using the camera (about 5 seconds).
  • They use bird chirps to communicate, making it much harder to pin down their location.
  • They CAN see you through foliage, so be careful.
  • However they CANNOT see through buildings (useful for outposts).
  • Despite their abilities, they are glass cannons - very weak and wear little armour, allowing for quick kills if undetected.

" These guys are part of the reason we get so many civilian burn injuries. They’re drunk, have access to lots of fuel and have impaired judgement. It’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster."


Throwers are erratic and unreliable fighters who use Molotovs in combat. Many are drug users or drunkards, and usually end up setting their allies on fire.

Strategic Data

  • Molotov Throwers are throwers who use Molotovs to flush players out of cover.
  • They may seem drunk, but are alert, so don’t be fooled.
  • Shooting their Molotovs on their chest will cause them and the entire area around them to be set on fire, allowing for crowd control.
  • They have pistols but almost never use them.

" These guys aren’t as quick to fire as Royal Guard Snipers, but they’re still masters at what they do. Take them out before they see you, or you’re screwed."

Unknown Player

Snipers are the Royal Army lookouts and support fighters. Many are picked due to their good eyesight and reflexes, and many moonlight as hunters for the army.

Strategic Data

  • Royal Guard Snipers are long range fighters who use SVDs to whittle down enemy combatants.
  • Often seen as lookouts, they are much more perceptive than other Royal Army members.
  • Not powerless up close, stealth is the advised course of action for these enemies.

"These guys are messengers between command and the outposts controlled by the royal Army. Take these guys down and we can use their own interests against them."


Sniper Couriers are commanders, used to ferry messages between the generals and the outposts. Many consider it to be a much better assignment.

Strategic Data

  • Standard snipers with different uniforms that hold critical intel documents.
  • Only appear as part of karma events.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Paul and Yuma train their soldiers well. These guys train in the Himalayas, and usually appear on archaeological digs. Not guys you wanna mess with if you know what’s good for you."

Unknown Player

Royal Army/Royal Guard Snow troops are troopers trained in snow warfare. Most consider it to be a punishment detail and one-up each other to try and get out of it.

Strategic Data

  • Snow troops are troops trained in snow warfare.
  • Most can be told apart by their weapons.
  • Officers have red and gold emblazoned parkas instead of the standard snow versions.


  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Corporal


  • The Army has an Elite Variant of the Assaulter (Commander), Defender (Lieutenant), Sniper (Courier), and the Heavy. (Commander)
  • The regular Heavy Gunner can sometimes be spotted on the back of Royal Army Technicals.
  • The Royal Army can be compared to the Pirates from Far Cry 3, by their weapon types and similar combat tactics.
  • Unlike the Pirates who cannot swim and will drown if fall into water, Royal Army soldiers can easily swim to safety and even capable of withstanding Demon Fish attacks on the way.
  • A lot of soldiers use heroin and marijuana, as the Pirates.
  • In contrast to the Royal Guard, many members of the Royal Army can seem quite old, with grey hair and beards.
  • Royal Army is comprised of Kyrati citizens, unlike the foreign Royal Guard. This also makes civilians say that they respect the Royal Army more than the Royal Guards.
  • Hunters are the most notorious in their community.
  • Many soldiers show a distaste for fighting, unlike the more elite Royal Guard. Some even say they considered joining the Golden Path or leaving the army entirely and as the game progresses it becomes evident that many have deserted or switched sides.
  • While Kyrat as of 2014 was guarded by Royal Army in the south and Royal Guards in the north, according to enemy soldiers, in the past the Royal Army used to guard entire Kyrat alongside Royal Guards. The reason they are sent out of northern Kyrat might be to prevent them from launching a coup d'etat against Pagan Min.
  • Their uniforms are both old Indian army uniforms and old Chinese PLA uniforms, dyed with different colors. Letters in Chinese and Hindi are still visible on their uniforms.
  • In spite of Pagan Min regime harsh policies on religion, Royal Army soldiers still can be seen praying to/for Pagan Min at random religious sites, such as repeatedly chanting "Glory to Pagan Min" nonstop if not being disrupted.


When the Royal Army soldiers are idle, they can be heard saying things like:

  • "We will crush the Golden Path, once and for all."
  • "Rebel scumbags".
  • "My brother joined the golden path, I hope I never have to see him on the battlefield."
  • "I thought about switching sides, but I'd still be fighting those I love. There's no winning."
  • "My wife hopes one day I'll get promoted so I can join the Royal Guard."
  • "Oh bhenchod how many men does it take to guard an outpost."
  • "When we were stationed at the northern outpost, they always served Cantonese food, I got so sick of it!"
  • "I'm so hungry."
  • "Kyra tea... like Kyrati! I just got it!"
  • ”I wish the border would open so we can get more foreign food, I am getting tired of the same old, same old.”
  • "Enough with the food talk!"
  • "I'm gonna poison your food if you don't shut up!"
  • ”Broadcast's say Ghale's behind all the outpost attacks, ten thousand rupees to the one who stops him, imagine what you could do with that much money”.
  • ”I haven’t listened to the radio in years.”
  • "You know who I want to kill, that rebel DJ Rabi Ray Rana! That bhenchod needs to shut the fuck up!"
  • "It's on us to find Ajay, he escaped on our watch! We have to make it right!" (Rochan Brick Co.Storage)
  • "When I get my hands on Ajay I'm going to beat him to death, the boss blamed me for his escape!"
  • "Who cares if Ajay escaped, that idiot probably ended up getting eaten by a tiger anyway."
  • "I just want to go home. Fuck this war. Fuck the army. Fuck Min."
  • "More and more trucks leave the outpost every day, I think I saw about twenty! That's a lot of drugs!" (Rochan Brick Co.Shipping)
  • "Out numbers are down and De Pleur isn't happy about it." (Kheta Manor)
  • "Gotta shape up, or De Pleur will crackdown on us"
  • "Agh! I can feel the sun beating down on me!"
  • "I feel like I'm melting".
  • "At least it's not raining."
  • "Today is going to be different. I feel it."
  • "I am so tired of listening to your voice."
  • "I stopped listening to you five minutes ago."
  • "My sidearm keeps jamming, piece of shit".
  • "This is the best working gun I’ve ever had."
  • "Agh, I lost my canteen again."
  • ”Keep an eye on your stuff, some of the other guys have sticky fingers.”
  • "I wish I have handcuffs, ropes are just too easy to escape."
  • "I used to guard Pagan's Royal Palace, now look at me."
  • "Just grit your teeth and bear it like the rest of us."
  • "Back when I guarded Pagan's Royal Palace, I saw chefs from all over the world. The scent was exhilarating."
  • "Something better happen soon, I'm going crazy.."
  • "Ya, and you hate when we're in the middle of a fucking firefight!"
  • "You know me, brother! I'm a hater, not a lover! Haha"
  • "This is the slowest way to make money." (Hostage Rescue)
  • "There's got to be a better way to fund an army than ransoming hostages!"
  • "Huh?" (When hearing noise)
  • "What was that"
  • "What the? Same sound as before?"
  • “Haram Zada what was that!”
  • "There it is again!"
  • "I heard a noise. Go check it out!"
  • "Hmm, same as before."
  • "I know I heard something that time."
  • "Nothing after all."
  • "I must be imagining things."
  • "Just nerves I guess."
  • "Probably just the wind."
  • "Probably just the wind or animals or my imagination."
  • "Animals, probably mating."
  • "I really need to get some sleep."
  • "Pagan Min! Pagan Min! PAGAN MIN! YEAH! (City of Pain mission)
  • "...glory to Pagan Min, glory to Pagan Min, glory to Pagan Min..." (chanting at random religious sites).

When the Royal Army soldiers are searching for the player, they can be heard saying things like:

  • "Is that a body?"
  • "Oh shit! he's dead!"
  • "I will find the one who did this to you!"
  • "What? How!"
  • "More bodies?"
  • "Bhenchod! This is a massacre!"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Hey get up! I need you to get up!"
  • "What do we do now?"
  • "Find the killer, go go go!"
  • "I'm going to start looking high and low! I'll find your killer!"
  • "Stay low, search for the source!"
  • "Watch yourself, there could be multiple enemies!"
  • "Look for anything out of the ordinary!"
  • "Death to traitors."
  • "Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah!"
  • "Fuck! There's no sign of where the killer went!"
  • "Shh, it could be an ambush."
  • "How many do you think there are?"
  • "I'm ready..."
  • "He's not here... He's not here!"
  • "Keep looking!"
  • "That's right! Run away!"
  • "Whoever did it is gone."
  • "He's vanished."
  • "He isn't here... There's nothing here!"
  • "I know you're out there somewhere!"
  • "Don't wait for the danger to find us! Get out there and look!"
  • "Stay alert, we don't know what's out here!"
  • "Where are you hiding? Coward!"
  • "He better pray we don't find him!"
  • "Show him no mercy!"
  • "I will show no mercy when I find you, killer!."
  • "Nothings getting by me!"
  • "I'm coming for you."
  • "I am going to find this guy and teach him killing soldiers is bad news!"
  • "If I die it's with the king's blessing."
  • "We're going to win."
  • "Kill, kill kill!"
  • "Fuck yeah!"
  • "He's gone..."

When the player is detected, the Royal army soldiers can be heard saying things like:

  • "Agh! Over there!"
  • "Got him! I got him!"
  • "I see the enemy!"
  • "Enemy spotted!"
  • "Hey! You there!"
  • "You there! Stop! Stop!"
  • "Bhenchod! Ghale is here!"
  • "Ghale! Don't move!"
  • "It's Ghale, he's here, he's here!"
  • "Flush him out! Flush him out!"
  • "He can't stay there forever! Get him!"
  • "He can't have gotten far!"
  • "Ah! I bet this is one of Ghale's tricks!"
  • "Ghale is causing trouble again"
  • "Come out! So I can kill you!"
  • "That's right! Runaway!"
  • "Spread out and look, he was here a second ago!"
  • "I know it was you, Ghale! Come out and fight me like a man!"
  • "Hiding Ghale?? You're more American than I thought!"
  • "Ah, is this how they fight in America? Ajay? Hiding like a coward?"

When the Royal Army soldiers are in combat, they can be heard saying things like:

  • "Gunfire!?" (after hearing enemy gunfire)
  • "Is that friendly?"
  • "Who's shooting!?"
  • "Was that one of us!?"
  • "What the hell was that!?" (explosion)
  • "An explosion!"
  • "Whoever did that! Your dead!"
  • "You're gonna regret that!" (when hit)
  • "Just another scar!"
  • "Is that the best you got!"
  • "No, no, no, no!
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Oh shit!"
  • "Agh, I need a medic!"
  • "Moving!"
  • "He's down there!"
  • "Going down!"
  • "Cover me, I'm heading up"
  • "Killing you will be easy!"
  • "You're worse than nothing!"
  • "You can't win!"
  • "Ah, we've got you now!"
  • "This is where you die"
  • "Watch my back, have to reload!"
  • "Reloading!"
  • "Cover me! I'm reloading!"
  • "Waste them!"
  • "Just die already!"
  • "I will drink from your skull!"
  • "I am going to burn you alive!"
  • "Eat dirt bitch!"
  • "Down!"
  • "Get up and your dead!"
  • "Hahaha! Weakling!"
  • "Stand back, I'm throwing a grenade!"
  • "Grenade! Out!"
  • "Tossing a grenade!"
  • "Have a grenade!"
  • "Grenade! Run!"
  • "What the... Grenade!"
  • "Get out of here! Grenade!"
  • "Making a run for the heavy gun!"
  • "Running for the mortar!"
  • "Mortars incoming!"
  • "You are going to die here!"
  • "Fight harder!"
  • "Keep shooting! Don't give up!"
  • "Don't stop firing!"
  • "Don't stop until there dead!"
  • "Kill every last one of them!"
  • "I'm going to kill you!"
  • "I'm going to gut you!"
  • "I'm going to end you!"
  • "I will destroy you!"
  • "Pagan Min ke liye."
  • "Min ke liye"
  • "For King Min!"
  • "For Min!"

Upon takedowns

  • "Hold on, hold on!"
  • "Where did you come from?"
  • "Wait, wait, wait!!"
  • "Shit, shit, shit!!"
  • "Oh no! Oh no!"
  • "Oh fuck oh fuck!"
  • "No not like this!"
  • "Bhenchod!"
  • "What the hell?" (Hunter)

Upon death

  • "Never thought I'd be killed by... Ghale..."
  • "I'm sorry my king..."
  • "A privilege to die for my king..."
  • "My brothers will come for you Ghale..."
  • "Ghale... see you in hell..."
  • "This... is an honourable death..."
  • "Argh..."
  • "Urgh..!"
  • "Someone take care of my children..."
  • "I die without shame..."
  • "You're a poison Ghale..."
  • "Curse you Ghale, curse your whole family..."
  • "You got lucky this time..."
  • "My father was a coward too..."
  • "You should have never come to Kyrat Ghale..."
  • "If this is my end... So be it..."
  • "You win this time..."
  • "Can't... Believe... You got me..."

When the Royal Army soldiers engage dangerous animals, they can be heard saying things like:

  • "Rhino! Look out!"
  • "Rhino! Run!!"
  • "Watch the horn!"
  • "Take that beast down!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Charging elephant!"
  • "Elephant! Look out!"
  • "Oi, shoot these mangy strays!"
  • "Tiger, tiger!"
  • "Shoot, that, animal!"
  • "Kill the beast!"
  • "Leopard! Leopard!"
  • "Bring that beast down!"

When the Royal Army soldiers have survived a fight, they can be heard saying various things like:

  • "What? How did I? I'm alive!"
  • "Bhenchod! I need a drink!"
  • "I need to sit down."
  • "My hands won't stop shaking!"
  • "Oh bhenchod where did that come from."
  • "I think I'm going to be sick."