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This article appeared in Far Cry 4


Royal Guard Kennels is an outpost within northern Kyrat in Far Cry 4.


The outpost has 6 guards if you enter from the cliff below. Sneak around the left and take out the guard on the stairs. Then go for the guard on the deck. But watch out for the guard on the roof across the yard. Then take out the guard in the yard he will walk over to the edge of the yard take him there no one will see. After that, kill the guard in the building overlooking the yard. Then take out the one on the roof lastly take the last guard he is across the street inside a building or on the deck. Attack Dogs are found in the outpost.There would be up to 3 Attack dogs in the outpost.A recommended approach would be to sneak at the back,throw bait to attract one of the dogs,use a bow to eliminate the animal then use the same tactic with the other dogs then it will be easier to take out the guards.Another approach would be to disable the alarm,throw a rock to attract a guard then use a throwing knife to take him out.Then try to kill other nearby guards then take out the dogs.