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“This is the magnificent home of our illustrous leader, King Pagan Min. Only his most loyal servants and trusted guests are allowed inside. Future plans for its renovation include the addition of a museum dedicated to our king and a water park.”
King Min's Kyrat
RoyalPalace view

Royal Palace is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

It is home to King Pagan Min himself and is the final resting place of Lakshmana. It is also the place where Ishwari Ghale (Ajay's mother) wants to rest in, and Ajay fulfills her dying wish if the player chooses to spare Pagan and lets him leave Kyrat, or later chooses to shoot down the helicopter.


  • The Kyrati Royal Family (The King of Kyrat is currently Pagan Min)
  • Lakshmana Min (possibly while alive/deceased, rests there)
  • Ishwari Ghale (possible while alive/rests there)


  • This palace is based on Taktsang Palphug Monastery, also known by its simpler name, the Tiger Nest Monastery. The Tiger Nest Monastery is located within the Kingdom of Bhutan, which, together with Nepal, Kyrat is based off of.
  • The building has a red openable door just like what other outposts, fortresses and Ghale Homestead have.


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Lakshmana home view
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