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The Ingram MAC-10, known as the MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 and the SMG-11 in Far Cry 5, is a rapid-fire machine pistol.

Far Cry 2

The MAC-10 appears in Far Cry 2.

Having a rapid-fire, decent accuracy, and low damage, the MAC-10 is useful as a sidearm to those who favor sniper rifles and other weapons less-useful at close-range. However, the MAC-10 is woefully inadequate at anything beyond close-range, meaning that it lacks the mid-range capability of an assault rifle. When used with a long-range weapon such as a sniper like the SVD, it is advised to either close the gap when an enemy is at mid-range, or fall back to long range.

The MAC-10 will degrade fairly quickly after use, meaning a fresh one should be picked up any time the player visits a store.

It is used by many enemies until Act 2, when it is replaced by the Uzi.

Enemies that use long-range or heavy weapons such as the M1903 or RPG-7 will have a MAC-10 as a fallback weapon for close-range.

From full condition, the MAC-10 will begin to jam between the 360th and 560th shots, and will break completely around 750th round fired.


Far Cry 5

“This subcompact machine pistol will burn through bullets faster than a fake news story gets shared.”
In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The SMG-11 as it appears in Far Cry 5 is a sidearm-capable machine pistol. Due to the smaller size, it is one of only a handful of non-pistol weapons that can be used in the slot, such as the D2, M-79, A99, and Skorpion.

The SMG-11 uses sub-machine gun rounds, and can be fired in semi-automatic or automatic - a plus over the 3-round burst and automatic-only Skorpion, and automatic-only A99.

The SMG-11 can be fitted with a suppressor, extended magazine, optical sight, and a weapon skin. An additional green camouflage skin can be unlocked by completing the mission Patriot Acts for Willis Huntley.



  • The MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 is slightly oversized.
  • When in a safe area in Far Cry 2, the threaded barrel can be seen that would allow the weapon to be fitted with the unique MAC-10 suppressor, despite it not being available in the game.
  • Like the Uzi, the MAC-10 in the real world features and open-bolt design, while the in-game variant has a closed-bolt.
  • The MAC-10 in Far Cry 2 uses the real-life designation of the weapon, while the Far Cry 5 variant uses the standard Ubisoft gun naming also used in Ghost Recon, Watch_Dogs, and Rainbow Six to name a few.
  • The Far Cry 5 variant is based on the SWD M11/9, a clone of the MAC-11. The rear sight has been cut down from a circle to a notch and markings on the body indicate it fires 9mm rounds. The firing selector is always set to semi-auto.

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