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The Dragunov SVD is a Soviet semi-automatic sniper rifle that appears in Far Cry 2, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5, the latter's Hours of Darkness expansion and Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 2

The Dragunov SVD can be purchased after completing four Convoy Missions for the weapon shop. Enemies also wield this weapon.

The Dragunov is the weakest sniper rifle in the game, however, it also has the highest fire rate, largest magazine size, and is the most durable weapon (Compared to other sniper rifles). As with all other weapons, a headshot will still be a one-hit kill.

Being the least powerful sniper rifle in terms of firepower, the Dragunov is one of the most tactical weapons in-game. Manipulation of enemy AI is made relatively easy with this rifle. For example, a player can use this rifle to wound an enemy by shooting him in the leg, and rather than finishing the job, wait for the enemy to call for help. When a friend comes to the aid of the wounded mercenary, the player can easily finish the two of them off with a well-placed shot, or even wound both of them and use them as bait. The Dragunov is a very good rifle for wounding rather than killing outright; the M1903 requires more careful aiming and does not allow for quick sharpshooting and the AS50 usually kills with one shot anywhere on the upper body.

Due to its high fire rate, the Dragunov can be fired rapidly at close range for self-defense if you run into an unexpected enemy at close range. However, it is still recommended to use a submachine gun or light machinegun to deal with enemies at close range.


Far Cry 3

"This battle-tested Commie semi-automatic sniper rifle can be considered a more accurate and powerful version of the AK47. SVDs are fine guns but the ones found on Rook Island are cheap Chinese knock-offs, meaning they'll work fine but you may get lead poisoning."

Survival Guide
Far Cry 3

The SVD appears once again in Far Cry 3.

This weapon will become free after deactivating 3 Radio Towers, or purchased for $1100 at shop.

The SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle and the standard weapon of Pirate Snipers, the player can obtain for free right from the start by picking up from dead Pirate snipers.

The SVD is the starting sniper rifle that can be quickly and easily unlocked. The sniper rife favors medium-range combat. Players who prefer a high-damage, medium-range playstyle benefit from the use of this weapon since it can kill all enemies, except Heavies, with two shots to any body part.

Due to being semi-automatic, it tends to consume ammo rather quickly so larger ammo purchases are a necessity. Because of this, the SVD is the weakest weapon in the game, similar to the F1, STG-90, and the 6P9. However, unlike the latter, the SVD does not have any attachments at all and lacks a signature weapon based on the SVD. Even then, the M-700 should be equipped and modified with a silencer to increase the choices of tactical or stealth play. The SVD should not be recommended.

Paint Jobs

The look of SVD could be customized with one of six available paint schemes. Each scheme costs $200 and does not affect weapon performance.


The SVD is available in multiplayer at level 33, this time with several unlockable attachments. The SVD in both campaign and multiplayer is a good choice for someone who wants a rifle that is capable of getting two or more shots off in a quick time.


  • In Far Cry 3, the handbook describes that the SVD the Pirates (and by extension, Jason) use is a Chinese copy; likely meaning that it is not an actual Soviet-made SVD, but rather a Norinco NDM-86.[1]
    • The text mentions that it can give you lead poisoning; this can be interpreted literally as the lead-based bullet many weapons use would cause it, or metaphorically as a reference to cheaply manufactured Chinese goods using lead-based paint.[2]
  • Applying the Wood paint on the SVD makes it similar in appearance with its Far Cry 2 incarnation.
  • The SVD is one of the weapons in Far Cry 3 that lacks attachments in the campaign.
  • Likely for balancing reasons, the SVD in Far Cry 3 only holds 5 rounds in the magazine, as compared to the 10 rounds the weapon held in Far Cry 2 and in real life.


Far Cry 4

The SVD appears again in Far Cry 4. It costs 35,000 in-game money but can be easily acquired for free by obtaining them from Royal Army Snipers or random Karma events with Royal Army Sniper Couriers. It's a good sniper rifle for beginners who prefer damage over stealth, sharing a near-identical damage output with the M-700 with the advantage of semi-automatic fire. However, it still does not support attachments, meaning it is incapable of stealth due to the lack of support for suppressors, and cannot have its magazine size increased, meaning that the player will have to do frequent reloads, with just 5 rounds magazine like in Far Cry 3, unlike SVD in Far Cry 2 and real life with 10 rounds magazine.

Another disadvantage is that it cannot one-shot most enemies unless the player can reliably score headshots. A good replacement for those that prefer stealth over damage is the M-700, the other easily obtainable sniper rifle that has the advantage of supporting two attachments but fires only in bolt-action. Like many other weapons in the Far Cry series, the Far Cry 4 SVD is also flipped having the charging handle on the left side, when the original weapon has it on the right side.


Far Cry 5

"The preferred choice of designated marksmen the world over."

In-Game Description
Far Cry 5

The SVD appears in Far Cry 5 and was added at the same time to the base game as the release of the Hours of Darkness expansion.

Hours of Darkness

The SVD appears in the Hours of Darkness expansion for Far Cry 5.

The SVD can be found scattered throughout the valley, both as loot drops and on the bodies of dead Viet Cong and NVA snipers. A suppressed version can be found near Major Vong on a case outside the shack directly opposite the camp on the North river bank.

Far Cry New Dawn

Rusty SVD

"You could duct tape a telescope to your arm but your arm can't headshot someone a hundred yards away."

In-Game Description
Far Cry New Dawn

The Rusty SVD is the first Sniper Rifle acquired by the player. It seems to deal the highest amount of damage in one shot out of all of the rank 1 weapons, although it quickly becomes of little use. Perhaps due to its decayed nature, the reload is noticeably longer than normal.

"Claymore" SVD

"Modern interpretation of the classic medieval blade. Part of the Graffiti Theme."

In-Game Description
Far Cry New Dawn

The "Claymore" SVD is a downloadable weapon available through pre-order or the season pass. Its magazine is bronze in color, and it has a telescope on top to serve as an improvised scope. There also appears to be a bicycle wire-lock holding the stock together.

SVD, as appears in Far Cry New Dawn


  • After being added to Far Cry 5, putting a suppressor on the SVD removes any sound the weapon makes during firing, as it does not have a suppressed firing sound.[3]


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