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Sacrifice the Weak is a story mission in Far Cry 5. It takes place in Jacob Seed's region of Whitetail Mountains. This will be the third time The Junior Deputy is captured by Jacob.


  • Kill the final target before the time runs out.


The deputy has been captured again. This time Jacob talks about his experience in the War that led him to the life he has now. Then he plays the music box and the deputy will once again enter the same scenario as in We Must Be Strong. See that mission for a complete run-through. Note: The Weak and Strong missions are NOT the same as the first time through them. During this mission, the shooters follow you, and there are more of them. If you try to run through the Strong part, and only shoot the one guy at the door on the other site of the open hall, you will find that there are now 2 guys, and the others, that you had run past, are now shooting you from behind.

After the timed target practice, the deputy will wake up to Pratt telling the deputy to wake up. He will let the deputy out of the cage where they will then follow Pratt while he talks about Jacob and his brainwashing technique. Pratt says the only way out is via the truck but before he can do anything, a siren goes off and music starts to play. Pratt panics and pushes the player over a balcony. The deputy wakes up on top of the truck, in the wilderness.