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Salvation is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River. Talk with Sheriff Whitehorse to start the mission.


  • Reach the Misery
  • Secure the Area
  • Defend your position
  • Kill the cult Priestess
  • Save the remaining hostages


Sheriff Whitehorse has heard rumors about a place run by Faith's followers that nobody comes back from. Anyone who won't follow the teachings, ends up there. He wants Rook to check it out. There are both a helicopter spawn point and a car garage nearby if needed. After getting to the waypoint, secure the area by killing the cultists. Once they know the player is there, reinforcements will be called in.

Some of the cultists will be coming in boats. There is a turret marked in a building near the water's edge. Use it to take out the two incoming boats. They will be armed with guns. A third boat will have a Bliss Priestess on it. Sheriff Whitehorse will call on the radio and let the deputy know to expect her. Take her out to end the mission.


Henbane River - Resistance Points : 600