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Sayla is a gatherer of the Wenja tribe, and a primary character of Far Cry Primal.


Sayla suffers from the horrors she witnessed when her Wenja village was attacked by the vicious Udam and their bloodthirsty leader, Ull. After fleeing the slaughter, Sayla sought shelter far away in a small cave, but she was haunted by the screams of her dying Wenja tribespeople. She still hears the cries in her head, and she assumes everyone is haunted by the very same screams. As a skilled gatherer, she longs for the comfort and security of a Wenja village. She knows that Wenja have strength in numbers. It's the only way to combat the Udam.

She has a visceral hatred for all Udam. She soon discovers that slicing ears from dead Udam is a way to quiet the screams, if only temporarily. For Sayla, the Udam ears absorb the screams. But in her heart, she believes the only way to silence the Wenja screams permanently is to kill the Udam leader, Ull. When she meets Takkar, Sayla sees a Wenja brother who could help her reunite the Wenja and defeat Ull.

Skills and Abilities

Sayla is an experienced gatherer and healer, since she knows which herbs and resources are needed for certain sicknesses or injuries.

Sayla has some skills in combat, as she is able to use a spear and a dagger to survive the Udam's attack on her village.


  • Takkar - Sayla first met Takkar when he saved her life from the Sabretooth Tiger that killed his hunting group. Afterwards, Takkar healed Sayla's wounds, and he helped her in finding the other Wenja that had been chased off by the Udam. Sayla believes that Takkar is the hero that the Wenja needs to vanquish the Udam. Sayla was upset that Takkar had brought the Udam Commander Dah to the Wenja village, but the two reconciled after Takkar decided that he will kill Ull.
  • Ull - Sayla holds a very deep grudge against the Udam War Chief Ull, since he was the one who was responsible for killing most of her tribe. Her grudge is so deep, that she will need Ull's ears to complete her revenge, for she knows that he will never stop until all Wenja are dead.


  • Due to their resemblance, it is possible that Sayla is a distant ancestor of Citra Talugmai from Far Cry 3 (Not real world-realistic).


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