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“Scavengers are off-road vehicles that were originally brought to Rook Island by private security forces working for the mining corporations. They're armed with a light machinegun. You know, to take care of those employees who are eating all the doughnuts in the break room.”
Survival Guide

The Scavenger is a land vehicle in Far Cry 3, somewhat resembles the Jeep Wrangler of Far Cry 2. It does not excel in speed or handling but has exceptional off-road capabilities. It is commonly found and easy to manoeuvre. This vehicle can carry up to four people and has the option for a mounted machine gun. The mounted version will also have armour plating in the back to cover most of the person on the gun. Sometimes Pirates or Privateers will use Scavengers to create a roadblock, thus preventing Jason from travelling down a certain road until the roadblock is cleared out. 


  • Some Scavengers have a decal that says "Road pebble" near the front of the back fender, while others have one that says "slug oil".
  • From the in-game description file there used to be a "Scavenger XL" that was then cut from the game though.
  • Pirates have their own Scavenger with their white painted insignia on it, in the design of their flags at their occupied outposts.
  • Privateers also have their own variant with an OD green paint job, less rust, and no stickers or decals.
  • Scavengers are seen broke down all over rook island. Either civilians or rakyat will ask you if you could repair it with a repair tool. If you repair it they will give you some money
  • The Scavenger returns in Far Cry 4, but is updated. It also returns in Far Cry 5 as the Zugspitz Scavenger.