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The Scavengers, also known as "Scavs", are the collection of people in Hope County that survived the nuclear holocaust (a.k.a. the Collapse) and a faction in Far Cry New Dawn. Under they leadership of The Security Captain, Kim Rye, and Thomas Rush, they rose up to combat the Highwaymen and the twins Mickey and Lou.

Far Cry New Dawn

The Scavengers are a group of people that live in post-apocalyptic Hope County. They survived the nuclear holocaust and are trying to rebuild Hope County in communities such as Prosperity, which was originally John Seed's ranch. However when the Highwaymen and its leaders --Mickey and Lou-- arrived, their peace and mission of rebuilding Hope County were put in peril since the Highwaymen came to oppress and pillage their communities. They sought help from Thomas Rush's group to aid them in fighting the Highwaymen and restore Hope County, but the Highwaymen ambushed Rush's train, killing many of the specialists needed to upgrade Prosperity.

Carmina Rye managed to rescue The Security Captain however, and together they rallied the Scavengers in order to fight back the Highwaymen. The Captain began scrounging Hope County for specialists, upgrading Prosperity's infrastructure, raiding Highwaymen supplies, and taking over Hope County outposts. The Highwaymen retaliated by assaulting Prosperity. Though the Scavengers fended off the attack, the casualties they sustained diminished their forces. With no other options left, the Captain sought out an alliance with the New Eden cult and together they drove back the Highwaymen. New Eden was betrayed by Ethan Seed, who enticed the twins to destroy New Eden. The Captain defeated the twins in the ruins of New Eden, crippling the Highwaymen. With the Highwaymen bereft of leadership and New Eden destroyed, the Scavengers became the most dominant faction in Hope County.



Kim Rye

Key Members

The Security Captain

Thomas Rush

Carmina Rye

Other Members

Nick Rye


Grace Armstrong

Jerome Jeffries




Sharky Boshaw

Roger Cadoret



Gina Guerra


The Scavenger's are the remnants of the Resistance from Far Cry 5