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The Scientist

Scientists are the brains of Krieger's operation, responsible for the experiments and study of the Trigens. Most likely consisting of geneticists and surgeons, they assist Krieger in his research. According to conversations led by Workers, scientists think poorly of them, a feeling that is mutual.

Mercenaries also dislike scientists, one even referring to them as "university pukes". Despite this, the mercs still carry out their orders (or try to) protect the scientists, often resulting in their deaths.

Moreover, they often order the mercs to keep the Trigens alive, even if they're loose around the islands. Because of this, both parties have been observed to be perished at the hands of the mutants.

Scientists are easily recognizable by their white lab coats with Krieger's emblem. This uniform is also worn by Doyle. Scientists are researchers, but are armed with pistols and carry health packs. They are the weakest human enemies, easy to kill, do not use any combat tactics, and are usually located in the scientific lab areas. Scientists are often accompanied by lab workers.

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