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For the Far Cry enemy, see Scientist.

Combat Scientists

A Scientist

“Scientists have been making the world interesting since the first caveman discovered hair could burn. Without scientists, villains would throw rocks at people’s heads, and showing someone how 2 plus 2 is 4 would get you burned at the stake as a witch. Scientists not only enrich lives, they help blow it up in really interesting ways. Why? Because Physics. PS: Don't kill 'em.”
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Scientists are the primary friendly faction in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

They are identified by their neon-blue goggles and white, full-body Hazmat suits. Their primary weapon is the Fazertron. Scientists appear once a garrison is liberated and can often be found on patrols between liberated garrison's. They only have about half as much health as Omega Force soldiers, but can still hold their own in a firefight.

While they can hack into equipment, they can also fall hostage to Omega Force, requiring rescue during designated missions found at Adventure Cabinets. They are mostly graduates of either Harvard or Yale, and can be heard making disparaging remarks of community college students. They are also very, very cowardly in combat.


Scientists have a significant number of phrases and expressions. These are often related to the events in and opinions surrounding Far Cry 3, especially those accusations of racism or using stereotypes to portray the native population.

For example:

  • Gosh. I know I’m white, but am I too white?
  • Does this place turn you into a stereotype? Nah, that’s just silly.
  • I mean, is it really too much to ask for just one black local who wants to befriend me and show me how to become a hero?
  • Darn it. I really thought there’d be hot island women here. Oh, the kind with tribal tattoos and a White Savior complex. Yeah, I could fill that role!

Other phrases can be heard only under specific circumstances; such as patrolling between garrisons, during and after combat, and when cowering.



  • Ah, mosquitoes. Nature’s version of community college graduates.
  • Ugh, I just hope whatever crawled up inside me crawls back out soon.
  • This island is so rich in biodiversity. I wonder what I can smoke next?
  • Such a beautiful island. It’d be prettier on fire, but maybe that’s just me.
  • I really should try plutonium in the flux capacitor, instead. But where am I going to find a car at this hour?


  • Come on, are you even aiming at me?
  • Try shooting yourself! It’ll improve your average.
  • Nothing to fear, but fear itself… and blood dragons.


  • I can’t die, I graduated from Yale!
  • I can’t die, I graduated from Harvard!
  • Don’t hurt me. I’m too smart to die!
  • I don’t deserve to die! Not when there’s so many stupid people around.
  • Please don’t kill me, I want to live. I need to experiment on more animals. Please. I know that doesn’t sound good… but it’s good for me!
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