The Scout

Scouts are one of the most commonly found mercenary types, often assisted by Cover soldiers. They are Grunts, who wear jackets with backpacks over a shirt with BDU pants and boots, rarely, scouts use helmets making headshots harder. Unlike Grunts however Scouts use more effective tactics and are stronger too. Using speed and cover they attempt to flank you while Cover soldiers pin you down. They are not too strong, however, and can be killed quite easily. Keeping on the move and engaging them in open areas are effective methods of dispatching these soldiers. Scouts may also flee from an engagement to alert other comrades nearby. Take out these particular Scouts to avoid this.

Scouts are first found armed with M4s at the beginning of the game, a few levels later some start to carry the silenced MP5. Some will also end up with the AG36 in the later levels.  

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