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The Second Kyrati Civil War is a war fought between the Golden Path, (formerly backed by the US, namely the CIA) and Pagan Min regime with combined forces of the Royal Army and the Royal Guard. The Second Civil War started as a result of Pagan Min betraying the Royalists in the First Kyrati Civil War and establishing a monarchist dictatorship. Golden Path forces were led by Mohan Ghale up to 1990, in 21st century they are commanded by Amita and Sabal. The Royal Army is commanded by Paul "De Pleur" Harmon while the Royal Guard is commanded by Yuma Lau.


Years before the events of Far Cry 4, Kyrat was in a state of brutal civil war locked in a stalemate between the Nationalists and the Royalists with no side gaining the advantage. Eventually the Nationalists stormed the Royal Palace in 1985 and executed the whole royal family along with several guards. This dealt a brutal blow to the Royalists and the Nationalists started attacking the demoralized Royalists forces with stunning success.

At this time the two Chinese crime lords Pagan Min and Yuma Lau arrived in Kyrat with their vast Triad gang and a massive mercenary army, even found the last royal heir for the Royalists. Pagan Min and his forces joined the Royalists and the tide turned fast with the Nationalists quickly getting defeated and the Royalists ending up victorious. However Pagan and Yuma betrayed their allies and took Kyrat for themselves, killing the last royal heir and crowning Pagan as King of Kyrat.

The second civil war began after Mohan Ghale and remnants of the Royalists founded Golden Path in 1987 with the goal to overthrow Pagan Min regime. Through the CIA, the US helped the Golden Path, but Mohan only accepted weapons, not the advisors. After Mohan was murdered in 1990, Amita and Sabal became the new leaders of Golden Path and continued his cause. The civil war rages on to 21st century.


The Golden Path is poorly equipped with most soldiers wielding old Cold War weapons and their last stronghold Banapur in south Kyrat is encircled by the Royal Army. The Royal Army are also equipped with old Cold War weapons, but they utilize crude weapons such as Molotov, Kukri and Hunter Bow to gain the upper hand in combat. They are mostly in south Kyrat, while the Royal Guards are in north Kyrat. The Royal Guards are well equipped with far superior arsenal at disposal.

Events of Far Cry 4

Initially, the Golden Path is encircled around Banapur, also controlling Khilana Bazaar. After Ajay Ghale, a new recruit hijacks the Banapur Tower from Royal Army control, The Royal Army takes Khilana Bazaar and launches a siege of Banapur. The Royal Army initially has the advantage but reinforcements from Sabal and Ajay arrives to rebels in Banapur and the siege is quickly lifted. After rescuing hostages from the Royal Army, Ajay helped the Golden Path by singlehandedly taking back Khilana Bazaar. With Ajay efforts, the Golden Path quickly starts expanding into Royal Army territory, Ajay was even capable of destroying their two fortresses early.

Ajay helped the Golden Path by either taking or destroying the poppy fields owned by the Royal Army. Noore Najjar used Yogi & Reggie to abduct Ajay and send to Shanath Arena, where she seeks his help as Paul De Pleur held her family hostages for years. Ajay captured Paul De Pleur, who was either killed by Ajay or locked up in cages by Golden Path. Ajay began attacking Rochan Brick Factory, Noore Najjar's heroin production facility, either securing it for Golden Path to produce heroin, or outright destroying it. Ajay either killed Noore or informed her that Paul De Pleur murdered her family years ago, which she committed suicide.

The fall of Paul De Pleur and Noor Najjar severely weakened Royal Army grip on their two fortresses Varshakot and Baghadur, if not already conquered by Ajay. Even when the Royal Army keeping most outposts in south Kyrat, the Golden Path still can push forward to north Kyrat by breaking through King's Bridge, which is heavily fortified and defended by both Royal Army and Royal Guards. While the Royal Army are still around, the Golden Path enters north Kyrat and begin attacking Royal Guards, Ajay can even instantly conquer their two fortresses. Ajay eventually assassinates Yuma Lau and even when Royal Guards keeping most of the outposts, the Golden Path attack straight to the royal palace, battled the Royal Guards and defeated them. Ajay then met Pagan Min, who was either killed by Ajay or left Kyrat. With Yuma Lau dead and Pagan Min gone, Royal Guards grip on their two fortresses Ratu Gadhi and Rajgad Gulag are severely weakened, if not conquered by Ajay already.

The Royal Army and Royal Guards refuse to surrender however, they continue fighting against the Golden Path and the civil war rages on, Ajay actions often result in them regaining control of all outposts and fortresses. The Golden Path remains too weak and too poorly equipped to effectively maintain control of the country, unable to stop Royal Army and Royal Guards from roaming in the wild and attacking them as well as continue abusing civilians.

If Ajay stays with Pagan Min right from the start, it's unknown how Second Kyrati Civil War unfold.