Secure the Outpost
Mission information
Given by Dennis Rogers
Reward 500 XP, Amanaki outpost
Start Amanaki Village
End Amanaki Outpost
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Harvest the Jungle Mushrooms in the Deep

Secure the Outpost is the fourth mission of Far Cry 3.

After crafting the medicine and equipment gathered from the Boar hunting grounds, Jason Brody receives a call from the phone he grabbed before escaping Vaas' Camp. The pirate who calls him speaks of a captured American girl (presumably Liza Snow) and that they are taking her to a nearby outpost.


After crafting the new equipment from the nature materials, Jason receives a call on the stolen cell phone from a pirate. The pirate, not realizing the phone has been stolen, speaks of a captured American girl that they are taking to an outpost nearby. Dennis tells Jason that now is the time to strike. Dennis drives Jason to just outside of the outpost, where they meet up with two more Rakyat warriors.

The warriors trust Jason after seeing his Tatau, and suggest either sneaking into the outpost or picking off the pirates from a distance. There are 4-5 pirates within the base, with a dog. The outpost is liberated by clearing out all hostile enemies. Once all enemies are dispatched, Jason searches through the main outpost for Liza, but she is nowhere to be found.


  • Eliminate all pirates in the outpost.
  • Search for Liza in the main outpost building.


Secure The Outpost - Master Difficulty - Video Guide

Secure The Outpost - Master Difficulty - Video Guide

Strategies Edit

There are two main approaches to secure the Amanaki Outpost.

The first approach is to go in guns blazing, this is by far the quickest approach and there are not any dangers other than the dog.

The second approach is to slowly circle the outpost and throw rocks to distract the guards, you should then use the "takedown" ability to silently kill the guards. Slowly do this without alerting the dog until all the guards have been killed. When the dog is the last survivor, shoot it or if you have the "cook grenades" skill then blow the dog up.