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Selene is a character in Far Cry New Dawn.


According to notes, Selene never finished her medical degree. After the nuclear holocaust, Selene became a drifter and used her medical knowledge to aid injured civilians who were shot by bandits. Selene's knowledge of medicinal plants has aided her in surviving Hope County's dangerous landscape.

Far Cry New Dawn

When The Security Captain finds her, Selene will be standing in the middle of a derelict John's Gate, now named the Inquisitor's Grave. She'll tell them about how she lost a field kit to help her with the special herbs she grows, and how she'll never make it through the next month without her products. So she sends them through John's old facility to get to the herbs.

When the Captain returns with her field kit, she tells the Captain that she is heading to Prosperity to head their Infirmary.


  • Selene is good friends with Carmina Rye, who she affectionately calls "Carcar" and her "queen". Carmina calls Selene "Sel" or "Sele" and invites her to travel and shoot guns with her and the Captain but Selene is uninterested in those activities.
  • Selene sometimes enters a fugue state when treating her patients.