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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

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Shanath Training Ground is a location and outpost within Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

Location and Surroundings

The training ground is in the northwest of Kyrat, between the Rohan Brick Factory and Noore's Fortress. It is bordered to the north and southeast by Clouded Leopard hunting grounds, making it wise to avoid travelling on foot.  


Before liberation, the outpost will have two alarm poles, and will contain an enemy heavy gunner, two hunters and several assaulters/defenders. It also has two caged tigers in the depression to the south. To the west there is also a machinegun emplacement.

South of the camp, up the hill there is also a soldier and a hunter with a caged tiger.

After liberation it will allow access to three sub-quests; A Kyrati Films Racing, Eye for an Eye and Hunting Survival. To the east is also a Bomb Defusal quest.

The outpost contains the standard fast-travel icon, trading post and sleepable bed.


The tigers form the easiest way to liberate the outpost undetected. Approach from the road to the south up to the brick wall, peek around the western side until an enemy Hunter walks past, using a bow or suppressed weapon, eliminate him silently (the bow or sniper rifle is best for this).

Wait a little bit, until the second under below you and another soldier begin to taunt the tigers. Approach carefully until you can see an enemy guard sitting at a table. Throw a rock behind him so he turns away to look. Eliminate the second hunter silently and release the tiger he is taunting, who should attack the second guards. Their bullets should hit the other tiger enclosure releasing it, or you can release it yourself.


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