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Charlemagne Victor Bowshaw IV

Far Cry 5

Charlemagne Victor Boshaw IV, commonly known as Sharky Boshaw, is a pyromaniac and Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5.


Sharky was an accident - 'unwanted', as his parents called him, 'a miracle' - the way he prefers to think about it. After his mother gave birth to him at a public toilet, he was simply left there for his grandmother to pick him up and raise him.

His birth certificate says Charlemagne Victor Boshaw IV ( named after his uncle, who won the rights to name the boy by winning a bet he had with Sharky's father ; that he would get breast implants and keep them for a few months.), but he’d prefer it if you called him Sharky. His parole officer calls him a serial arsonist, but he’d prefer the term, “fire enthusiast.” See, wherever Sharky goes, fire follows: It destroyed his family’s trailer park on three separate occasions, forcing it to close down. It claimed the roller rink that bore witness to a disastrous first date. And it seems to ruin every drunk tank and jail cell that he ever sets foot in. The law couldn’t change Sharky, but that didn’t deter Eden's Gate.

They invited him to join them and walk the path to a better life. When he found out that a better life involved torture and brainwashing, Sharky decided to fight the cult. And his fire followed. Oh yeah, and it just so happens that Sharky is Hurk's younger cousin. That might explain a few things. Sharky usually uses a shotgun with incendiary rounds or a flamethrower.

Far Cry 5

Burn, Baby, Burn!

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Far Cry New Dawn

Sharky managed to survive the nuclear apocalypse by living in a bunker in the company of his cousin Hurk, his aunt Adelaide Drubman, her ex-husband Hurk Drubman Sr. and her current boyfriend, Xander Flynn. According to his diary, most of the time was spent partying and getting high, before the situation eventually escalated and Hurk Sr. left on day 820, stating he'd rather risk radiation than spend another day down there with them. After 3 years in the bunker, they eventually ran out of food, and while Adelaide and Xander went off towards Cuba, he and Hurk decided to live their best Mad Max lives as Sharksidous Erectus and Hurkmungus, who he, at some point in their post-apocalyptic odyssey, ran a distillery with; before the Highwaymen came to take it.

17 years later, Sharky met the Captain of Security at Chateau Boshaw, where's he's holed up with his baby nephew, (Hurk Jr.'s son) Blade Drubman. Once the Captain helped him set up traps and fend off the Highwaymen trying to take back the place, Sharky realized it's probably a poor choice of location when it comes to raising a child, and moved to Prosperity, where he takes charge of the Explosives Lab. Sharky has taken on a co-parent role with Hurk and is heavily involved in raising his nephew.



  • Sharky is one of the survivors of the nuclear holocaust.
  • Sharky dropped out of high school.
  • Sharky is a confirmed furry.
  • In dialogue with his aunt Adelaide Drubman, it is shown he has a crush on her. He will even admit to it while talking to the Junior Deputy.
  • Sharky and his cousin Hurk are both voiced by the same actor, Dylan Taylor.
  • In a dialogue with Hurk Jr, Sharky reveals that their team name is Shurky. Hurk disagrees and calls it Harky.
  • He has a pee bottle collection that takes up a whole closet.
  • Sharky has been arrested for public masturbation (which he did while he was in his car).
  • He has a strong love for disco music.
  • Like the other Guns for Hire, when not on duty, he can be found at the 8-Bit Pizza Bar in the Henbane River region.
  • Sharky started his first fire after an unsuccessful first date when he was 13, at the Fall's End roller rink. The fire started in a trash can, but grew out of control and burnt the entire building down as well as half of the city block.
  • Sharky will ask "Is that guy still president... the Orange Russian?" at random while idle when activated as a Guns for Hire. This dialogue seems to allude he is speaking of 45th U.S. President Donald Trump who is rumored to be colluding with Russia.