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Sharma Salsa
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Name: Sharma Salsa
Status: Alive
Role: Kyrati Films (Boss)
Age: Unknown
Date of birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Kyrat
Nationality: Kyrat
Height: Unknown
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Golden Path
Profession: Pornstar, Actor & Manager on Kyrati Films
Game: Far Cry 4
First game: Kyrati Films mission
Last game: Kyrati Films mission

Sharma Salsa was a former pornstar and later on a movie producer in Kyrat, that appears in Far Cry 4.


Not much is known about her, except she has been involved in the production of porn films throughout her life and that after the death of her co-pornstar Riti Nin Riti Kapoor, she abandoned her pornstar career.

Far Cry 4

Sharma Salsa is found in Banapur when the player visits her. Upon making contact, the side quests Kyrati Films: Racing, and Kyrati Films: Survival are unlocked for the player.

Sharma Salsa appears in many old porn movies but now directs and produces action survival films filmed in Kyrat, calling on Ajay to be a stuntman in 9 race films and 9 survival films.


  • She states that the action survival films she is producing wouldn't be profitable in Kyrat. Thus, in order to make money from Ajay's movies, Ajay's films won't be broadcasted in Kyrat, but out in other places.
  • Ajay is probably a stuntman, because his only role in the movies are the action scenes.

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