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Silent Makarov 6P9
Silenced Makarov
Damage Low
Magazine Size 8 (SP), (12 MP)
Maximum Ammunition 24 + 8 rounds
Price 6 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 2 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 2 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 7 Diamond Diamonds
Silent Makarov 6P9
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The Silent Makarov 6P9 is a pistol in Far Cry 2.

It can be purchased after completing the first convoy mission in Act I. No enemies will ever wield it.


The PB (or Silent Makarov) is a suppressed weapon designed for use by Soviet special forces. The weapon is essentially a Makarov pistol and it's modified to accept a unique silencer that can be removed. It uses the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge.


The 6P9 is an excellent sidearm, no matter the play style. If you're low on Diamonds and you need to play with stealth, use it to take out a few enemies that are in the way without using any Silent MP5 or Dart Rifle ammo. Even when not playing stealthily, this handgun is useful for clearing out one or two isolated enemies without alerting enemies from nearby guard posts.

Most enemies cry out loud when they are hit. Therefore, it is best to aim for the head and thus keep the victim from making a noise. With the silent Makarov's clear iron sights, snagging headshots at close range is easy.

If sufficiently skilled, a player can quietly take down all enemies in a guard post with just the 6P9. By controlling shots and remain hidden, it can be easy to wipe down several enemies without taking any damage. However to use it in this fashion would require the purchase of the camouflage suit and perhaps even to switch to operating at night, to reduce the chances of enemies spotting you before you are within range to open fire.

If players would like to carry enough firepower but still carry a silenced weapon, the 6P9 is a good choice without sacrificing for a superior primary or special silenced firearm. However, against groups of enemies, the effectiveness of this pistol dwindles to being almost useless. It suffers from a low rate of fire and inflicts little damage unless headshots are scored. It only excels when eliminating one lone enemy and finding another location to kill another target while concealed.

Statistically, the 6P9 is identical to the regular Makarov. It is fairly durable if not used too much, so do not worry about it jamming or breaking during a long trip, though it wouldn't hurt to exchange for a new 6P9 if the opportunity comes.