Far Cry 3 Chinese Knife
Appicon fc3“This commie dagger comes from Ancient China. The reds left it here on Rook Island in the dark ages. The history's unimportant. If you see any Ming vases nearby, I could use one for target practice... or to decorate my study. I can be civilized on occasion, you know.”
Survival Guide

The Silver Dragon knife is an ornate blade made by the Chinese. After Lin Cong's death it was buried in his tomb with him. Jason is tasked by Citra to find the knife to gain her trust. Coincidentally, Buck wants the knife in exchange for Jason's friend, Keith Ramsay.


  • Jason Brody can use this weapon without mods.
  • Being that this is the same universe as Assassins Creed, seen by references of Abstergo and Pieces of Eden are mentioned in Letters to the Lost and the mystical quest to get the dagger, it may be hinted to be a Piece of Eden.
  • Vaas Montenegro used an identical or the same knife to attack Jason Brody despite not owning it. When attacked by Vaas it does not make the normal knife stabbing sound implying he may have drugged him.