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Sins of the Father is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River. Liberate the jail and complete Clean Water Act to unlock this mission. Talk to Virgil Minkler to start it. He suggests that The Junior Deputy to go to Jessop Conservatory and burn the fields of flowers, then kill the ex-pharmacist who helped create Bliss.


  • Reach Jessop Conservatory
  • Liberate the Cult Outpost
  • Burn The Bliss Fields (0/3)
  • Reach Jessop Conservatory
  • Eliminate Feeney


After talking with Virgil, players will need to make their way to Jessop Conservatory. Once there, Virgil will call on the radio asking players to burn the Bliss crops and clear the area. He figures that will bring Feeney out running. There are several well-armed cultists and a few Angels (Bliss addicts) in the area. Once the area is liberated, players will need to burn the flower crops. You will want a flamethrower for this. Feeney will show up in a helicopter. Try to take it out if you can, but if not - follow it to Feeney's house. Take out the 'peggies' in the area. Feeney can be found afterwards hiding in an underground bunker. Look for an small open hatch around the side of the house on the ground outside and climb down the ladder. Kill Feeney to end the mission.


900 Resistance Points