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Skills are upgradeable enhancements to the player's ability in Far Cry 3 that Jason can unlock by completing missions and levelling up in the campaign. As more skills are unlocked, more additions will be made to your Tatau.

These skills are categorized in three different trees.

  • The Heron: Long-range Takedowns and mobility.
  • The Shark: Assault Takedowns and healing.
  • The Spider: Stealth Takedowns and survival.

The Heron

Heron skill tree
FC3 cutout relic heron

Skill Effect
Long Gun Expert Improved hipfire accuracy when using assault rifles, sniper rifles, and LMGs
Aimed Reload Ability to reload a pistol or sniper rifle while aiming down the sights/scope
Hip Shooter Improved hipfire accuracy when using pistols
Gunslinger Takedown Steal an enemy's pistol and use it to kill nearby enemies (x5 XP per pistol kill)(requires 10 kills with handguns)
Enhanced Syringe Potency Crafted syringe effects will last 50% longer
Syringe Potency Crafted syringe effects will last 25% longer
Cook Grenades This will unlock the ability to cook grenades by holding down the grenade button (Caution: If you hold the grenade too long, it will explode and kill you.)
Death from Above Unlocks the ability to jump on an enemy below and kill him (x5 XP per kill)
Death from Below Unlocks the ability to kill an enemy on a ledge above you, including those standing at the water's edge
Deep Breath The ability to hold your breath under water for a longer period
Steady Aim Steady a scoped weapon 2x longer
Line Gunner Use one-handed weapons on a Zipline
Soft Landing Reduces the damage taken by falling by 25%
Cool Gunner

Increases the time a mounted weapon can be fired before it overheats(requires 10 kills with mounted guns)

Breath Control Steady a scoped weapon 4x longer
Marathon Man Sprint faster and infinitely (requires 5 Relics)
Dual Death from Above Kill two enemies from above (requires 1 basic Death from Above kill)
Dual Death from Below Kill two enemies that are above you (requires 1 basic Death from Below kill)

The Shark

FC3 cutout relic shark
Shark Skill tree

Skill Effect
Adrenaline Health bars that are not completely empty refill 50% faster
Adrenaline Surge

Health bars refill 2x as fast(requires 3 Supply Drops)

Advanced Conditioning Gain a 4th health slot
Button Up Body armour can take 50% more damage(requires 3 Body Armour bought)
Chained Takedown String together up to 10 Takedowns multiplying XP by 10 for each kill chained
Evasive Driving Commandeered vehicles take 50% less damage
Field Medic Medical syringes restore 4 health bars
Field Surgeon Medical syringes restore 6 health bars
Fire Retardant Take 50% less damage from fire
Grenade Takedown Activate an enemy's grenade before pushing him away(requires 5 grenade kills)
Heavy Beatdown Allows Takedowns to be used on heavy enemies(requires 1 Bull Shark kill)
Improved First Aid Healing without medicine replenishes 2 slots of health
Peak Conditioning Gain a 6th health slot(requires 10 Syringes crafted)
Takedown Quietly kill an enemy from behind
Expert Conditioning Gain a 5th health slot
Advanced First Aid Healing without medicine replenishes 3 slots of health
Physical Conditioning Gain a 3rd health slot
Ironsides Damage taken from explosions is reduced by 50%

The Spider

FC3 cutout relic spider
Spider Skillx

Skill Effect
Sprint Slide Crouch while sprinting to slide along the ground
Expert Archery Improved stability with the bow when lining up a shot
Combat Archery Arrows can be drawn and fired 50% faster
Expert Swimmer Your top speed when swimming is 25% faster
Jungle Run

Move faster when crouched

Ninja Step Greatly reduced noise when walking and sprinting (requires 2 outposts to be liberated without being detected)
Takedown Drag Allows the player to drag a body out of sight after a Takedown
Running Reload You are able to reload your weapon while sprinting
Nimble Fingers Pistols, SMGs and shotguns can be reloaded 25% more quickly
Quick Swap Switching weapons and aiming down sights are done faster
Nimble Hands Assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs are reloaded 25% more quickly
Knife Throw Takedown Adds the ability to throw an enemies' knife while you are performing a Takedown on him
Loot Takedown Any enemy that you perform a Takedown on will be automatically looted
Horticulture 101 Harvest twice as many items from plants
Zoology 101 Receive twice as many items when skinning animals
Stone Wall Take less damage from animal attacks and reduces the chance of being knocked over by an enemy
Penny Pincher Find more money hidden on enemies when looting them (requires 10 bodies looted)
Dealmaker Loot items are sold for 25% more money (requires you to complete 3 Wanted Dead quests)


  • The skill Running Reload in The Spider skill tree does not apply to LMGs, flamethrowers, or grenade launchers.
  • The final Tatau will be given to the player upon collecting all 120 relics.