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Skylar Kohrs is a character found at Dylan's Master Bait Shop in the Whitetail Mountains region in Far Cry 5. She is one of if not the best fishermen in Hope County.

Far Cry 5

The The Junior Deputy meets Skylar trying to break into her boyfriend Dylan's Bait Shop with a baseball bat and trying to intimidate him to relinquish her fishing rod.

Tools of the Trade

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Skylar enlists the Deputy to vandalize Dylan's Master Bait Shop so that Dylan will be intimidated into giving up Skylar's fishing rod. After Dylan relinquishes the fishing rod, Skylar complains that Dylan has been trying to ingratiate himself to the Peggies in order to keep himself alive. Skylar explains that she plans to use to prize money offered by Adelaide Drubman which is earned by fishing the legendary fish, The Admiral, and use it to fund their escape from Hope County.

Skylar wants to clear her head and joins the Deputy on a fishing trip to Widow's Creek; offering to teach them some angling tips.

Gone Fishin

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Skylar offers to split the prize money with the Deputy if they cooperate to catch the Admiral. However, Skylar wants the Deputy to practice their fishing skills and tasks the Deputy to catch a Paddlefish Sturgeon to prepare.

After catching the fish Skylar calls the Deputy and tells them to meet her at the Clagett Boathouse.

The Admiral

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When the Deputy meets Skylar at the Clagett Boathouse, she tells them that she had the Admiral but the Peggies started shooting at her. She punched one of them in the face, injuring her hand, leaving the Deputy the only one capable of capturing the Admiral. The Deputy manages to catch the Admiral, much to the delight of Skylar. Skylar thanks the Deputy for helping her and Dylan and tells them to take care of themselves.


Far Cry New Dawn

Skylar does not appear in the game, however her bunker stashed with several equipment can be found. She left a couple of letters behind, revealing that her boyfriend Dylan died to one of her traps protecting the door to the stash. However, she was more annoyed than saddened by his death since she would now have to dispose of his body.

Skylar left Hope County sometime after the Collapse. Her whereabouts are unknown.



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