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Sukhwinder is one of the characters that appears in Far Cry 4's DLCs, Escape from Durgesh Prison and Valley of the Yetis.

Escape From Durgesh and Valley of the Yetis

He is the helicopter pilot sent by the Golden Path to rescue Ajay in North Kyrat during the events of DLC Escape from Prison Durgesh and afterwards when he takes Ajay to the Valley of the Yetis. According to Sukhwinder, the Golden Path heard from one of Pagan Min's men that Yuma Lau sent an expedition to the Valley of the Yetis to recover a powerful "relic", and thus decided to send Ajay and Sukhwinder to recover the relic first.

Upon arriving in the Lost Valley, his helicopter was shot down by the Disciples and they end up crashing upon the valley's ridge. The Disciples capture Sukhwinder and Master Sandesh held him hostage in order to lure in Ajay, who subsequently goes to rescue him. When Ajay finally reaches Sukhwinder, both are knocked out by Sandesh and Sukhwinder is left to be sacrificed to a Yeti who eats him.


  • When Ajay enters the place at the beginning of DLC Valley of the Yetis, you can see that he dressed warmly, with a blanket and cigarettes thrown to the ground.
  • The player can not kill him in the DLC Escape from Durgesh because bullets cannot cross the glass.
  • If the player is in Co-op, when Ajay and Hurk try to untie Sukhwinder, Sandesh will not knock them out, but instead will blow an elixir bomb and the three will faint.
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