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TaeMoCo Mine
TaeMoCo Mine 1
Region Bowa Seko
TaeMoCo Mine

TaeMoCo Mine is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the south-western sector of the Bowa Seko district.

In a mission which involves blowing up a pipeline which the UFLL uses to make money, the player is sent here to pick up some dynamite, but if the player meets up with his buddy, the buddy wants the player to destroy the pumps at the pumping station which floods the mine.

Upon return, if the pumps are destroyed, most of the mine is flooded.

History (speculation)

Judging by its name, this was a mining complex for raw materials that was built by a mining corporation called "TaeMoCo". This company had a huge presence in the UAC prior to the civil war. It is now a military outpost.

According to Frank Bilders, who was hired by the mine due to his history as a professional smuggler, it was stripped bare of resources long ago, and the promise of discovering diamonds is used to keep the workers inside at their jobs. In reality, TaeMoCo is used to as a tunnel network to smuggle arms and other contraband into and out of the surrounding nations.

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The TaeMoco Mine is where Voorhees and Carbonell/Kankaras are located when you are ordered to eliminate them