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Takkar is the protagonist of Far Cry Primal,[1] who was a hunter from the Wenja tribe that lived around 10,000 BCE. Takkar was the last surviving member of his hunting group, and was forced to survive in Oros.[2] He then used his newfound abilities of the Beast Master to defeat his enemies and rose to become the leader of his tribe.


Takkar was a member of a Wenja hunting group from outside Oros. After a sabertooth tiger ambushed his hunting group, he travelled to Oros to join the rest of his tribe there, only to learn that the tribe was crushed by rival tribe: The Udam, and its members scattered all across the land without a place to settle in. He then built a new village, and lead the tribe there. As the story continues, he adventures all across Oros to defeat the Udam and Izila tribes to secure peace and survival for the Wenja tribe. Takkar succeeds in recruiting different Wenja specialists scattered across Oros. Takkar ends up defeating the Udam tribe with Ull asking him to take his children as all Ull wanted was for his family and his tribe to be safe. Honoring Ull's request as a fellow warrior, Takkar accepts Ull's request and brings Ull's children to the Wenja as his own. Takkar also defeats the Izila tribe and their leader Batari. Takkar then lives in peace with his tribe.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the Beast Master, Takkar has the ability to tame and command a wide variety of animals in Oros.

Takkar is a seasoned hunter and warrior, and has experience with handling and crafting Stone Age weaponry such as daggers, clubs, spears, shards, slings, traps, and bows and arrows.


  • Sayla - Takkar first met Sayla when he saved her life from the same Sabretooth Tiger that killed his hunting group, and she guided him towards Oros. Afterwards, Takkar healed Sayla's wounds and agreed to help her in reuniting the scattered Wenja. After their first battle together against Ull and the Udam, Takkar vowed to Sayla that he will help her in killing the Udam War Chief. Sayla was upset when Takkar had brought the Udam Commander Dah to the Wenja village, but the two reconciled after Takkar decided that he will kill Ull.
  • Tensay - Despite Tensay's crazy and eccentric personality, Takkar respects and regards the shaman of his tribe as his friend, for it was Tensay who told him about his destiny as the Beast Master.
  • Wogah - Wogah initially mistook Takkar for an Udam when he fell into his trap, and Wogah called Takkar "Piss Man" after he urinated on him. Eventually, Wogah realized his error, and helped Takkar in crafting new tools to make the Wenja grow stronger.
  • Karoosh - Karoosh became friends with Takkar when they fought off several Udam together, and Takkar agreed to help Karoosh in hunting down Mog, the Udam warrior who took Karoosh's eye and killed Karoosh's son. Over time, the two warriors form a strong brotherly bond.
  • Urki - Despite Urki's lack of execution in his ideas for improving his life, Takkar sees the thinker of his tribe as his friend, and he often helps Urki in his quest of solving everyday problems. In return, Urki calls Takkar "Smart Man".
  • Jayma - Jayma met Takkar when she was tracking down a Brown Bear that had been killing other Wenja. The huntress told Takkar that his presence scared the bear away, and she called him "Mammoth Feet" for his loud footsteps. Jayma was impressed that Takkar was able to quickly track and hunt the bear down, and she begins to help him in improving his hunting skills.
  • Ull - Ever since Ull destroyed and scattered the Wenja of Oros, Takkar holds a deep, hateful grudge against the Udam War Chief, and Takkar hoped to kill Ull in order to avenge his fallen tribespeople. After a lengthy battle, Takkar managed to mortally wound Ull. But before he could finish the War Chief, Takkar discovered that Ull only wanted to his tribe and his children to survive. As Ull succumbed to his injuries, Takkar vowed to raise and protect his children.
  • Batari - Batari was responsible for the abduction and enslavement of many Wenja, and Takkar vowed to hunt and vanquish the Izila High Priestess to free his tribe and Oros from her tyranny. Eventually, Takkar managed to kill Batari by burning her alive at the altar of Suxli.
  • Dalso - Takkar originally travelled to Oros with Dalso, and the two of them shared a strong, brotherly bond. Dalso saved Takkar's life by jumping off a cliff after their hunting party was killed by Bloodfang, a legendary Sabretooth Tiger. Dalso was critically injured, and told Takkar to find Oros and the rest of their tribe. Takkar then paid respect to his fallen Wenja brother by giving him a proper burial and fulfilled his dying wish by traveling into Oros.
  • Dah - Takkar met Dah when he captured a fort of the Udam. Although Dah was the Udam Commander and served Ull, Takkar decided to keep him alive as Dah was able to teach the Wenja how to craft Berserker Bombs. Takkar also saved Dah's life when the Wenja tried to drown Dah. Dah pledged his loyalty to Takkar and instructed him on how to defeat Ull before he succumbed to his "skull fire" and had Takkar stab him in the heart to end his suffering. Takkar agrees, but not before showing reluctance and some regret.
  • Roshani - Takkar met Roshani when he captured a fort of the Izila. Roshani tried to reason with Takkar that if he spared his life, he can teach the Wenja how to craft Fire Bombs as well as how to defeat Batari. Takkar agreed and took Roshani to the Wenja village. During his time with the Wenja, Roshani grew to sympathize with their plight. After helping Takkar bring down Batari, he decided to stay with Takkar and the Wenja and teach them how to grow food.


  • Throughout his adventure in Oros, Takkar has been given a number of nicknames by other characters that he meets. Aside from Beast Master and Brother, he has been called Piss Man by Wogah, Mammoth Feet by Jayma, Smart Man by Urki, and Softblood by Dah.
  • He is voiced by Elias Toufexis, best known for his role as Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and its sequel Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.



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