Actually Pagan Min commited fraticide to become a king. I think his proper nickname should be Narathu, who might actually fit in with the violent personality of Pagan Min (the eurasian druglord).

Just hope it didn't end with Indian commandos defeating him.

Wait, eurasian? 17:31, September 26, 2014 (UTC)

Well, his mother was British and his dad was Hong Kong Chinese.

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I believe NexusCore was getting his information from the ending conversation with Pagan (4:06)

And the Mohan references are straight from Mohan's Journal as you collect them around Kyrat's_Journal

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Catholic? I am changing this until this gets a response. There was never a mention of this in game and it also wouldnt make very much sense. 

Davies677 Really??? British-Hong Kong??? What Kind Nationality is that??? Just Because British Occupied Hongkong as Retaliation Of Opium War It doesnt Mean Hong Kong Territory Completely Belong to British... It Still Part Of China Until They Got Their Territory back in 1997.