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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Tarun Matara's Sleep is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4 while it's purpose is unknown. The name may imply it's a graveyard for deceased predecessors that have been crowned Tarun Matara.

If you chose Amita's side, There will be a cutscene featuring her in Tirtha If the player choses to go there. There she will reveal her intentions to turn Kyrat into a totalitarian drug state. She proceeds to order her soldiers to go into villages, conscripting children to be recruited as soldiers into the army, claiming that the increased numbers are necessary for enforcing Kyrat future peace and protecting the drug fields. When Ajay demands to know what she has done with Bhadra, Amita claims that she sent her where the Golden Path's enemies cannot find her, implying that she had Bhadra murdered as she tells Ajay "she won't be coming back". Ajay has one last choice: to leave Amita alone or shoot her in the back.

A rumour exists that Bhadra's corpse is there however if The Player goes there, there won't be anything there.