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Technical in different 'skins'

“The technical is an improvised fighting vehicle. That's just a fancy term for 'pickup truck with a machinegun mounted on it', or, as I like to call it, a Texan Parade Float. All the technicals on Rook Island belong to Vaas' pirates. They offer plenty of firepower, but no real armor protection.”
Survival Guide

The Technical is a simple but useful vehicle in Far Cry 3, used for carrying between 1 and 6 people; most are seen carrying about 2–3 people.

Technicals are used by the Pirates, Privateers and the Rakyat. It is pretty durable considering the amount of damage it takes to completely destroy it, but if you get the Evasive Driving skill in the Shark section of the Tatau, your "commandeered" vehicles will take half the amount of damage as they usually would.

Note that these vehicles do not give you much protection against incoming gunfire, as they have no doors, wind shield or roof. Overall the speed for the Technical is about average and will get you where you need to go in a hurry, but there are more reliable choices you could make in ground vehicles, such as the Scavenger

There is a variant with a mounted gun and one without. It comes in different colours, including white, black, grey, yellow, blue, red, orange, green, and sometimes camo.


  • Rakyat members can sometimes be seen driving a Technical.
  • All three factions make use of the Technical.
  • The Technical is called old Jeep in the map editor.
  • One type of armed Technical has a LMG (similar to the MKG) and another a HMG (similar to DShK).
  • There is a windshield on it, but it is folded down and cannot be used or, bizarrely, cannot be broken.
  • The Technical looks very similar to a variation of the Land Rover 90 which is used by the British Army.
  • The Technical is the only land vehicle in the game that doesn't play music on the radio.
  • The Technical also resembles the Kaiser Jeep M715.
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