{{{class0.1}}}: {{{info0.1}}}
{{{class0.2}}}: {{{info0.2}}}
{{{class0.3}}}: {{{info0.3}}}
{{{class1.1}}}: {{{info1.1}}}
{{{class1.2}}}: {{{info1.2}}}
{{{class1.3}}}: {{{info1.3}}}
{{{class2.1}}}: {{{info2.1}}}
{{{class2.2}}}: {{{info2.2}}}
{{{class2.3}}}: {{{info2.3}}}
{{{class3.1}}}: {{{info3.1}}}
{{{class3.2}}}: {{{info3.2}}}
{{{class3.3}}}: {{{info3.3}}}
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template is the base template for navibox.

Example of use of this template:

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Far Cry 4 Weapons
Melee: Kukri
Sidearms: Mark IV (Sixer)  •  M-712 (HS77)  •  1911 (Sandman)  •  6P9  •  A.J.M. 9  •  .44 Magnum (Cannon)  •  D50  •  D2  •  A99 (Rebel)  •  Skorpion (Stinger)  •  M-79  •  Auto-Crossbow  •  Flare Gun
Shotguns: M133 (Bull)  •  1887 ('87)  •  SPAS-12
SMG: MP34 (Stormer)  •  A2000  •  MP5  •  Vector .45 ACP (Shredder)  •  BZ19
Assault Rifles: AK-47 (Warrior)  •  STG-90  •  F1  •  MS16 (Trooper)  •  P416 (Bushman)  •  A52
Sniper Rifles: Dragunov SVD  •  M-700 (Predator)  •  Z93 (AMR)  •  SA-50
Machine guns: PKM (Driller)  •  U100  •  MKG (Ripper)  •  MG42 (Buzzsaw)
Launchers: RPG-7  •  GL-94  •  GL-A87  •  LK-1018
Specials: Flamethrower  •  Harpoon Gun  •  Hunter Bow  •  Recurve Bow  •  .700 Nitro (Elephant Gun)
Items: Grenade  •  Molotov Cocktail  •  Throwing Knife  •  C4  •  Mine  •  Wingsuit

How to Use It

The template is composed of 2 different parts:

  • the "title" parts which are coloured and centered (Far Cry Weapons, Far Cry 2 weapons, etc)
  • the "class" parts which contain the informative articles (Handguns, SMGs, etc)

Title Parts

The "title" parts have 2 parts:

  • title (or title1, title2...): contents of the title bar, which can be a link.
  • colors part: Text and background colors of the title bar and border color

The non-numbered title, titlecolor and titlebgcolor parameters refer to the main title of the navibox (the one that's seen when the navibox is collapsed). The others are numbered from 1 to 3. The number is associated to the title position in the final template.

bordercolor refers to border of a whole navibox

Names for numbered titles colors:

  • titlecolor1, titlebgcolor1
  • titlecolor2, titlebgcolor2
  • titlecolor3, titlebgcolor3
  • The title Far Cry Weapons which is the main title and link to Far_Cry_4_Weapons is coded like this:
 |title=[[Far_Cry_4_Weapons|Far Cry 4 Weapons]]
  • The title Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons which is the second subtitle and and doesn't link to any page is coded like this:
 |title2=Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons
(note that we don't have to specify titlecolor1 and titlebgcolor1 since we want it to be the same as the main colors
  • Suppose that, for some reason, we want to use different colors for this last title, for which no color scheme exists:
 |title2=Far Cry 4 Signature Weapons
(note that the # is omitted in the color hex-code)

Class Parts

The class parts have 2 parameters:

  • class: contents of the class written in bold black in the left part of the table, which can be a link.
  • info : the class' list of articles.

Each parameter is associated with 2 numbers in the form x.y. x refers to the title number (0 for the main classes), y refers to the position of the class in the table (there can be 5 subtitle sections (not including the main one) which can have up to 10 classes each).

  • The class Handguns which is the first class of the first subsection (x=1, y=1) coded like this:
            | [[1911]]
            | [[Mark_IV]]
(note the use of Template:Navibox/info for the list to be displayed properly.)
  • The class SMG which is the 4th class of the second subsection (x=2, y=4) coded like this:
            | [[Dance Powder]]
            | [[Suna Suna Clan]]
  • Beware of the position of the x and y numbers in the parameters (x can be between 0 and 5, y can be between 1 and 10)
  • Classes are optional, i.e. a title can have no associated class section. This is used mainly for the main classes (numbered 0).
  • Class names and info are optional too. In a subsection, only the title is mandatory.
  • Use Template:Navibox/info in the info parameters, for the list to be displayed properly.


A typical organization for this template would be something like this :


  |class0.1=[[One Piece|tata]]
             | [[Eiichiro Oda|Gabba Gabba]]
             | [[Shanks|Hey]]
  |class0.2=[[Marshall D. Teach|tete]]
             | [[Edward Newgate|Whoopee]]
             | [[Nami|Yee-ha]]
  |class1.1=[[Tony Tony Chopper|toto]] 
             | [[Magellan|abc]]
             | [[Hody Jones|def]]
             | [[Bell-mère|aaaaa]]
             | [[Usopp|zzzzzzzz]]

This would output:

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tata: Gabba Gabba  •  Hey
tete: Whoopee  •  Yee-ha
toto: abc  •  def
tata: aaaaa  •  zzzzzzzz

Most Common Mistakes

This paragraph describes the most common errors that one can make when using this template, please read them carefully as they contain useful information.

There Are Some Abnormal Signs

If something like {{{title}}} appears, it probably means that you forgot to set a parameter. Cf above for the good use of parameters.

Some Parts Are Missing or in a Bad Place

The maximum number for subtitles is 5 (+ the main title), the maximum number of classes is 10, if you have parameter like title6 or class3.11, they are not displayed.

Beware of the classes number not referring to the good title section. Something like this won't work, since the second class is badly numbered:


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