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Tensay is the shaman of the Wenja tribe, and a primary character of Far Cry Primal.


Tensay is the eccentric yet charming Wenja shaman. He chews mind-altering plants, communicates with the spirits of nature, and hold audiences rapt with his colorful stories and animated personality. As the Wenja's only shaman, he is the keeper of the tribe's beliefs. When not lost in a hallucinatory spirit vision, he devotes his attention to healing the wounded, aiding births, and conducting funeral rites for fallen Wenja.

A year ago Tensay was captured and enslaved by the fire-wielding Izila tribe. They scorched his flesh with the fiery mark of a slave and forced him to erect their megalithic standing stones. After suffering months of back breaking work, Tensay finally escaped and wrapped himself in a wolf skin to hide in the wilderness. Traumatized and half-crazed, he set out to call upon a spirit strong enough to gather the scattered Wenja tribe and unite them against his former captors.

Skills and Abilities

Tensay is a prolific shaman who is highly capable in the arts of medicine, communicating with spirits, and conducting funerals.


  • Takkar - Tensay holds high regards towards Takkar ever since their first meeting. Tensay told Takkar to embrace his destiny as the Beast Master to lead the Wenja and command all of Oros. Tensay also gives Takkar a variety of concoctions that give the latter spiritual visions, which will help in his quest of restoring peace to all of Oros.
  • Batari - Batari and her tribe managed to capture enslave Tensay some time ago. After Tensay managed to escape from the Izila High Priestess, he hoped that Takkar will be able to unite the Wenja to vanquish his former captors.
  • Roshani - Tensay dislikes Roshani, since it was the Izila who captured and enslaved him in the past, but the shaman allows the former commander to stay with the Wenja, for he can provide valuable information in defeating Batari.


  • Tensay's character and personality is very similar to that of Rafiki's from The Lion King.


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