A Thangka

Thangka are paintings that often represent deities praised by the Kyrati people.

Ajay Ghale is first introduced to thangkas by Amita after completing the mission The Wolves Den. Kanan, the old woman that Ajay helped during the mission, painted several thangkas depicting several gods and relating religious figures, including Bhadra.

Later, during a mission for Yogi and Reggie, Ajay discovers that his home, the Ghale Homestead, once had a thangka that hung in the main room that Yogi referred to as a "Ghale family heirloom". Unfortunately, it was taken and scattered across Kyrat by "persons unknown", however, Yogi and Reggie were given a map, of which they misused. Despite this, the pair are able to point Ajay in the direction of his family's missing property, leading to several missions of which Ajay enters Shangri-La as Kalinag. Later it is discovered that Mohan Ghale asked Darpan to tear the thangka so as to save it from falling into Min's Hand, who was on the verge to destroy the kyrati heritage, as mentioned in Kartik 1988.

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