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TThe Awakened Ones

The Awakened Ones or (Cultists) are a group of soldiers led by a man who is known as Master Sandesh. They appear as enemies in DLC Valley of the Yetis and tried to kill Ajay several times.


Previously, they were soldiers of Yuma in the Royal Army, Yuma sent Sandesh to lead a group of soldiers for an expedition in the Lost Valley to find a Relic that, according to the legend, can give immortality, so they enter in the Valley after The Relic, without having much knowledge about what they were dealing with, they obeyed the orders of Yuma and came to the Valley, Sandesh's expedition was made up of two teams, he came to the valley with Team One, coming just after the Team Two, the first to arrive in the Valley, he ordered his subordinates to take over a house and sets up a Relay Station, after that were behind the Relic information.

The Expedition was days in the Valley, his men were bathing in a cave that was on top of the station, called the Canyon of Awakening, but in the night they heard an unfamiliar roar. One of then said to be a man crying but distorted, and, in searching for the relic, they see a Yeti, while showering in the Canyon of Awakening, Sandesh, after that day, disappeared for a while and when he returned, gave them the order to pick up the Elixir that were in the caves, where they bathed, and turn it into a kind of "Liquid hydrogen", after much research and testing they succeeded, they aspired to smoke it, which made them start hearing voices, thus turning them crazy and obsessed with Yalung. It transformed mere soldiers from the which they were into something worse, The Awakened One

Enemy Types

The Awakened Ones have the same classes and equipment as the Royal Army, The difference wear fur coats and face paint


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